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If you feel like refreshment this New Year’s, how about a cold apple cider? Nothing says summer quite like Isaac’s Cider. With 5% alcohol and using New Zealand grown apples sourced from the finest orchards, it is as naturally uplifting as a clear summer’s day. Light and crisp, Isaac’s Cider is a perfect drop, just the way nature intended, with the fresh flavour of apples.  And at this year’s Rhythm and Vines festival in Gisborne, the delightful Isaac’s outdoor garden bar is the perfect spot to enjoy a bottle of cider in the sunshine.  The kind people at Isaac’s have given us two tickets to Rhythm and... read full article


The Apple of Macs Eye this Summer

A refreshing drink to have on a summers afternoon with friends


perfect drink for a sunny day, while watching the ladys go by!


i tried this the other day - was delicious and refreshing.. deff a great summer in the sun drink!!


Never tried cider...never lied to her...never cried err...never tried err...ahhh (be)cide'er...

Did you say you never wanted to drink cider beside her or put it in cider?
Maybe you need to clarify this for the readers, lol.

Is this what you were getting at WG.

This little girl runs into her house, tears running down her face. She races up to her mother and says, "Mum, Mum, can I have a glass of cider?""Why on earth do you want cider?" asks her confused and concerned mother."To take the pain away," sobs the little girl.Obviously the mother refuses, but the girl keeps on crying and eventually her mother pours her a glass of cider in an attempt to shut her up. The little girl grabs the glass and immediately puts her hand into it."It doesn't work," screams the little girl."What do you mean?" asks her mother."Well," sniffs the little girl, "I overheard my sister saying that whenever she gets a prick in her hand she can't wait to get it in cider."

Still be a nice drop to try even if it didn't work, lol

lol very funny


Something to keep the ladies happy whilst they fetch your beer!!


Not a beer drinker myself, but might try Cider


cider is great change from drinking beer all day.


....cider is cool alternative to beers any time....use to like drinking harvest cider.....


Darn l thought this was going to be drawn today.


great drink to have by the pool


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