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“I would normally write a polite declining response to your request for an interview in your magazine.  However, having seen your question list and its reference to “leadership” I am delighted to accept so as to spread the gospel on what nonsense is implied in that much vaunted proposition.”Sir Bob Jones. We aimed for the top and asked one of our country’s most well known property investors and entrepreneurs, Sir Bob Jones, to take part in our Actual Habits series. As leadership Week dawns we think this is the perfect time to share Sir Bob’s insights into leadership and success. How would you describe your... read full article


The Actual Habits – Sir Bob Jones

Go Sir Bob! I think he missed the point of trying to encourage and inspire people... :o I think I will follow his advice and cut my throat! (p.s SBJ is a legend though!)


The Actual Habits – Sir Bob Jones

Scary fulla. A tad too taciturn for my liking. I guess a knighthood and stacks of money can't buy you warmth.


The Actual Habits – Sir Bob Jones

Superb read, laughed right out loud at the notion of 'Romantic Symbolism'... at the end of the day it all ties back to how you define leadership. Taking extracts from Wikipedia; Leadership is stated as the "process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task." but then moves on (to what I see Sir Bob drawing the line at) in that "Definitions more inclusive of followers have also emerged." and "Tom DeMarco says that leadership needs to be distinguished from posturing" In my eyes Sir Bob is the quintessential leader - driving those around him to their best without requiring that he is seen as 'above', or as a leader with followers. Great piece


The Actual Habits – Sir Bob Jones

By his own definition and actions, Sir Robert is a leader of the first water. Can't be denied.


The Actual Habits – Sir Bob Jones

1. Read and think more 2. Take a leap and get things done 3. Be your own leader 4. Go to Switzerland


The Actual Habits – Sir Bob Jones

One problem with Sir Robert & Michael Hill is that they are always right. In fact I'd say they were self-righteous. The only times they were wrong was when he thought they'd made a mistake.


The Actual Habits – Sir Bob Jones

Even tho I'm the opposite sex and therefore if we met would likely weaken your will to live, I enjoy these little windows into your head from time to time. You would have made a rotten prime minister as everyone expects a leader, but at least you might have given the 'house' the clean out it needs. You sound fairly normal to me Bob and thanks for the peep. Cheers, 'Just a Mum'


The Actual Habits – Sir Bob Jones

If the object is to make one think then Sir Bob has done the job. What he said is that if you are to be a leader then that means there are followers who do not do as well as they might. But that is what followers are...?


The Actual Habits – Sir Bob Jones

Great thought provoking arcticle. Ricki Herbett and Ryan Nelson in my opinion are great leaders, which the all whites most certainly needed to perform as well as they did!


ooooorrrrrrrsssssssuuuuuuummmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!! i'd be taciturn too if i had to put up with what passes for sanity in this environment


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