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Ingredients chicken breast red pepper garlic shoots / green garlic a fresh chilli a dab of chilli bean paste ginger garlic lemon grass (dried is fine) sesame oil kecap manis one of those little baby limes fresh basil (handful) cashew nuts   This is a clean-tasting Thai-influenced dish for one that isn't too spicy and has lots of texture, with the moist chicken and crunchy cashew nuts. 1. Mash together a clove of garlic, a wedge of ginger, a chilli, the zest of half the baby lime and some sesame oil into a paste. Cut the chicken and mix it into the paste. Leave in the fridge for a little while to let the paste flavour the chicken. 2. Heat some oil... read full article


Thai Basil Chicken

One of my favourite Thai dishes. And pretty darn healthy too without the rice.


Thai Basil Chicken

I love this dish. Just make sure you don't cover it with spice like the Thais do.


Thai Basil Chicken

Last time I was at a Thai restaurant, they asked if I wanted it hot or thai hot. What was I thinking when I said Thai hot? Actually burned my lips.......

Subtle chili definitely makes the taste better.


Thai Basil Chicken

like going to an indian restaurant and ordering kiwi hot or indian hot. i find even if you say you want indian hot they make it kiwi hot.


Thai Basil Chicken

yeah thats what i wanna know, where you can find indian hot curries in auckland? ones that burn the bowels the next day.


Thai Basil Chicken

The Indian Kitchen Restaurant and Takeaways on Cook Street in Howick do a pretty mean Vindaloo.


Thai Basil Chicken

Sawadee's on Ponsonby road is outstanding. Evil Jungle Prince will have you bouncing off the roof, cheap as chips & BYO as well.


Thai Basil Chicken

I think I would actually eat this! Last time my wife cooked Thai - coconut curry rice - I made her dump it in the outside bin cause it stunk so much (she agreed it was bad so I wasnt in trouble!)


Thai Basil Chicken

this dish looks so nice i'm so going to try it.


Thai Basil Chicken

Sounds delicious! It's always good to find new recipes to try.


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