Discussing :: 'Tarzan Economics': If Music Is Free, How Do Artists Get Paid?

Over the past decade, the music industry was roundly criticized for how it responded to the proliferation of digital content -- launching hundreds of lawsuits against otherwise law-abiding consumers who downloaded music. Although many companies have backed off from that approach, the challenge remains to find a business model for digital music. If songs can be downloaded and traded for free, how do the musicians, recording engineers and record company executives get paid? Jim Griffin, working as an advisor to Warner Music Group, has a plan to find an answer.At the recent Supernova conference in San Francisco, Griffin -- who spoke on a panel titled, "Is There a... read full article


'Tarzan Economics': If Music Is Free, How Do Artists Get Paid?

Rubbish! Whats stopping someone just paying their fee and getting all the music they want, then share a flash drive around to all their peers. It only takes a little organisational skills and niftyness and your idea is flawed. It wont work unless you put 'one-time' use encryption on it, but that wont work either because one has paid for the service so he/she can easily distribute files between the computers and programs he/she owns. Interesting idea of tarzan economics since that is relevant to the times, but I think artists must realise that earning revenue from record sales will soon not be a viable option. The only way to earn something will be from the concerts you perform. Make quality music, get quality customers who will support you at your concerts. IM SICK OF SEEING HOW MUCH MONEY CELEBRITIES HAVE! Alternativly it is difficult for new artists to show their talent. Record companies need to get away from the image the artist conveys (monetary incentives) and focus more on talent.


'Tarzan Economics': If Music Is Free, How Do Artists Get Paid?

Same deal with media/journalism, can't wait to see what Murdoch TRIES to roll out.


'Tarzan Economics': If Music Is Free, How Do Artists Get Paid?

There will always be the ones (such as i) who prefer to purchase a cd regardless of whether i am able to download it cheaper or free, some of us like the momento, shit, i still have cassette tapes!


'Tarzan Economics': If Music Is Free, How Do Artists Get Paid?

Really interesting. Must have taken a huge hit. But stats show that it the people that down load that go to gigs and buy other merchandise.


'Tarzan Economics': If Music Is Free, How Do Artists Get Paid?

I think this is fascinating, I think the music industry needs to get real and look outside the square to see how to keep generating income. It is a reality that downloading music is the norm, but surely there is a way to keep everyone happy!

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