Discussing :: Tanks in the streets of NZ?

Tied hands: Defence Minister Wayne Mapp is complaining that the Defence Act tied police's hands during last month's armed offender's squad siege, and that they could not use an army tank to smash down gunman Jan Molenaar's house. Yes, and that's a good thing. The rules in the Defence Act exist for good reason: because the roles of police and the military are very very different. The police exist to investigate offences, apprehend those responsible, and bring them to trial. The military exists (in its own mind, at least) to kill people. As a result, soldiers make very bad police. If you need an example, just look at Fiji. Handling... read full article


Tanks in the streets of NZ?

There certainly is a lot of merit of keeping the dividing line between Police and Military very clear. We see the results in places like Thailand, where the Military have a great deal of direct involvement in Politics to the apparent detriment of the country. Might is not necessarily right.

But on the other side of the fence, this sort of emotive reporting does not do justice to the Police or the NZ Military, who are a hell of a long way from the extremists in many other countries.

For a start, NZ has not had any Tanks for many years now. We have Light Armoured Vehicles. Very limited weapons fitted to them, but will resist bullets from any sort of light guns that the public may have.

The main function of bringing this into use was to recover the body of the Police Officer, which lay out in the open for a day and half. Adding hugely to the distress and stress of the other Police and his poor Family. The shame was that it took such a long time to deploy this excellent piece of equipment to make this recovery possible!

For sure, the Government needs to sort out the rules controlling this sort of situation. Its not common, but in our drug crazed world, will be more likely than not to happen again.

There was no suggestion of "smashing down Jan Molenaars house" using the LAV. The Police did want to use it to force open the garage door, so that they could gain easier entry. If they had been able to do that, and much earlier on in the event, it is possible that Mr Molenaar may still be alive today.

The question that I would like to see addressed, is how did this person, who had previous drug convictions, still hold a gun Licence? Thus having the legal right to buy a number of weapons and ammunition? Saying he had them to protect himself from the Mongrel Mob is hardly acceptible!!


Tanks in the streets of NZ?

I think it would be great if tanks and the like could be used on our streets by the Police. It might not have achieved much in the Napier situation. But it would work wonders in the Dunedin student riot situation, if the cops could wheel out water cannons on a big tank. Not only would it help disperse the little rascals (and teach them a jolling good lesson), but it would put out the couch fires at the same time!

Hahaha, that'd just fuel the fire per se I'd be out in my togs with beer n hand having one hell of a blast


Tanks in the streets of NZ?

This situation arising with issue on declaring any form of justice in New Zealand with bringing in the armed forces and their toys will only encourage a downfall on the Police of handling in justice at all.This will only endeavour anarchy between the two forces and only encouraging a Nazi regime in Military Mayhem.


Tanks in the streets of NZ?

Oh my gosh its flooded all over the place and I'm stuck in the middle of it with nothing....good thing the army have come out with all there vehicles and saved us all....

Wahhh wahhh waahhh some people have got nothing better to winge about, they were there because there was a need and they were asked to provide a service, they did so! And if anyone was going to be executed it would have been by the armed defenders squad. If you really think no one in Govt gave them permission or knew, your dreaming bud, if they hadn't they wouldn't have been there.


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