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 We've got Ten easy steps & two killer prizes - cheers to the Gravity baristas and Blend Masters, to ensure you can take the plunge like the pro's.1. Start with a clean and dry coffee plunger.2. Use freshly ground Gravity coffee. The best results come from buyingbeans and grinding them as you go (and a grinder isn’t a hugeinvestment).3. Get the grind to the correct size (If the coffee grinds are too small it willmake plunging very difficult, if the coffee grinds are too coarse it willmake the coffee too weak).4. Rule of thumb for measuring is a dessertspoon per person and one forthe plunger (if you prefer a stronger coffee use more).5.... read full article


Taking the plunge with Gravity

Me and my sippy water bottle went to the supermarket, I shopped my little heart out for such a long time I needed to go to the toilet on my way out. Deciding to risk the supermarket loo, I hurried in, hurried out, and drove myself home. Went to unpack the groceries and OPPS they weren't there...


Taking the plunge with Gravity

I once got in my car and went half way to work without doing my hair! That's right...you heard me....my hair was all flat and not pretty....


Taking the plunge with Gravity

Drove to my sisters house in Thames to shift my car that was broken down and parked in her garage...but didn't take a key for it! Typical keys story with a twist!


Taking the plunge with Gravity

Decided to go shopping for some clothes.....was sick and tired of being a frumpy housewife...I'm a sexy woman, I'm beautiful, gorgeous, outgoing, adventurous, proud of myself and a real fun person. I used to take such pride in my appearance, used to be a dancer, and love getting dressed up once in a while to go out..... Got to town.......got out of the car in the carpark under Aotea Centre.....felt strange...oddly, comfortable and cosy.....looked down...oops!! Had my slippers on!! Was in such a hurry cos I had to be back home by a certain time...and I'm a shocking time keeper...so rushed off in too much of a hurry...clearly not thinking straight. Needless to say, no shopping for me! The upside...didn't have to pay for parking since I wasn't really even parked for more than 30 seconds!!


Taking the plunge with Gravity

the worst one was recently .. i have 2 handbags -- one for going out and one is a scummy old one for work .. a new boyfriend came to pick me up after work to stay at his place for a few days , when he dropp[ed me off home (was due to start work in 2 hours) i realised that my keys to the house (and subsequently my uniform also) was locked inside in the OTHER work bag .. i had remembered to grab my wallet ands overnight bag and swap them over but not my house and car keys i had to call my mum (who was staying at my sisters in the next town over) to bring her keys to let me in -- needless to say she wasnt impressed


Taking the plunge with Gravity

#1 story- I took my husband out to dinner and ate- it was beautiful! As we went to pay, we realised we forgot all means of paying!! No money, no credit cards, no eftpos, nothing! We had parked at a carpark, and had to tell the guy we'd come back to pay him... luckily he was able to get out of the carpark, go home and get the money while I stayed at the restaurant. It Was so Embarrassing!!!!!


Taking the plunge with Gravity

i was getting a new kitten from the airport and had to get up super early, the plane was delayed so i had a little rest on one of the chairs till it was announced that the flight had landed. got my little cutie kitten went out to pack it in the car got in and drove for about 20 mins only to look back and realise i had opened the door and shut it again with out actually putting the cage in the car, very impressive, funny thing was the cage was exactly were i left it and the kitten was a-ok when i checked on it, needless to say i thougt it deserved a good name. Forget me not, or notty for short.


Taking the plunge with Gravity

The address where my exam was being held. It was a professional exam, ie not at a university. I thought I remembered it was on the Terrace somewhere (in Wellington), but was so flustered that I couldn't remember where the Terrace was, despite living in Wellington for a few years! I must have looked a sight hurriedly rushing around the streets holding a stack of books sweating profusely and looking hopelessly lost. Managed to spot someone else I vaguely recognised from my class and followed them. Arrived 20 minutes late but thankfully ended up passing the exam. Don't know how.


Taking the plunge with Gravity

The worst thing ive left at home after jumping into the car... MY WORK UTE, and on the same day wore the shirt of my old work (which now happens to be the opposition, and looks very similar) Went out on thursday night, got totally wasted, n slept through every possible alarm i set. and woke up in such a rush, grabbed the first shirt in the draw, n hopped in my personal car instead of my work-ute, n didnt realise till i was approached at work.

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