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 We've got Ten easy steps & two killer prizes - cheers to the Gravity baristas and Blend Masters, to ensure you can take the plunge like the pro's.1. Start with a clean and dry coffee plunger.2. Use freshly ground Gravity coffee. The best results come from buyingbeans and grinding them as you go (and a grinder isn’t a hugeinvestment).3. Get the grind to the correct size (If the coffee grinds are too small it willmake plunging very difficult, if the coffee grinds are too coarse it willmake the coffee too weak).4. Rule of thumb for measuring is a dessertspoon per person and one forthe plunger (if you prefer a stronger coffee use more).5.... read full article


Taking the plunge with Gravity



Taking the plunge with Gravity

The food we were supposed to be taking to a potluck dinner... you feel pretty stupid when you walk in empty handed. had to go home and get it.


Taking the plunge with Gravity

Well it wasn't really left at home, but it ended up somewhere? Never found it again... Left my purse on the roof of the car and drove all the way from Auckland to Rotorua. Didn't realise until I got to Rotorua and a few hours along, what had happened to it. Then remembered... bugger!! Had stopped half way along and couldn't find it, but luckily had some loose change in the car for lunch. The good thing is I didn't really have much in it. Just turned out to be a muck around cancelling cards etc more than anything.


Taking the plunge with Gravity

The cat when going to the vet!!!!


Taking the plunge with Gravity

the baby


Taking the plunge with Gravity

Sent across town for an urgent purchase, but forgot my wallet.


Taking the plunge with Gravity

Honestly, I dont mind leaving the ciggies at home - but leaving my coffee behind is a national disaster - completely contrary to the very concept of "road safety" .... hmmm Does it count if you left your partner behind and never returned?


Taking the plunge with Gravity

My Security entry passes - having to be escorted around until I could arrange to go and pick them up


Taking the plunge with Gravity

The Keys!!, Can't Go anywere in the car or get back into the house. :)


Taking the plunge with Gravity

It would be faster to list what I have not rushed out the door and forgotten, but worst I think was wallet,(It is usally in my purse, but my son had been in there, and left the wallet in the lounge!) and I did not realise it until after I put the petrol in the car! I was soo embarassed, as I had no other means to pay, and no identification (it is all in my wallet!). luckily I was wearing a watch that they let me leave while I went home to get the wallet.

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