Discussing :: Taking the plunge with Gravity

 We've got Ten easy steps & two killer prizes - cheers to the Gravity baristas and Blend Masters, to ensure you can take the plunge like the pro's.1. Start with a clean and dry coffee plunger.2. Use freshly ground Gravity coffee. The best results come from buyingbeans and grinding them as you go (and a grinder isn’t a hugeinvestment).3. Get the grind to the correct size (If the coffee grinds are too small it willmake plunging very difficult, if the coffee grinds are too coarse it willmake the coffee too weak).4. Rule of thumb for measuring is a dessertspoon per person and one forthe plunger (if you prefer a stronger coffee use more).5.... read full article


Taking the plunge with Gravity

The birthday cake my mother had baked for my girl friend! It was too far to go back and get it, and my mother could not eat it as she is diabetic!


Taking the plunge with Gravity

My pants! I raced after my girlfriend who had left her mobile behind. She was grateful when I finally caught up to her - I'm not sure about the other motorists who saw me in just my boxers.


Taking the plunge with Gravity

We had the toddler, our wallets and the mother-in-laws pressie..... but where was the BABY!!!!!! We both looked at each other and then ran back into the house where he was fast asleep in his baby capsule.


Taking the plunge with Gravity

The worst thing I have left at home - my brain, seriously I was supposed to go to a job interview but drove to my mates place instead, it wasn't unti about half an hour later I realise what I had forgotten, didn't get the job!


Taking the plunge with Gravity

That would have to be Christmas a couple of years ago. Put the pressies for my family on the car boot while I was unlocking my car door and trying to carry food and other bags of guff. I drove all the way to mums and remembered the presents. Luckily some one had picked them up and put a note in the dairy saying they were found so got them all back and delivered them a week late! Very embarrassing!


Taking the plunge with Gravity

Left to fly to Aussie from Invercargill on Sunday, due to fly out on Monday at 5am to Melbourne, but where is my passport?? AT HOME!!


Taking the plunge with Gravity

my wallet - I couldn't buy coffee, or lunch, couldn't fill the gas tank, couldn't show the cop my license. Sucky day!


Taking the plunge with Gravity

My shoes...and it was bloody freezing.. that's what happens when I don't get my caffeine fix right away - the brain doesn't start.


Taking the plunge with Gravity

My cellphone - felt weird without it all day


Taking the plunge with Gravity

I drove to a job interview and realised I had left my purse at home. I had to ask the interviewer to borrow $10 so that I could get out of the car park. They probably thought I was a dork.


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