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 We've got Ten easy steps & two killer prizes - cheers to the Gravity baristas and Blend Masters, to ensure you can take the plunge like the pro's.1. Start with a clean and dry coffee plunger.2. Use freshly ground Gravity coffee. The best results come from buyingbeans and grinding them as you go (and a grinder isn’t a hugeinvestment).3. Get the grind to the correct size (If the coffee grinds are too small it willmake plunging very difficult, if the coffee grinds are too coarse it willmake the coffee too weak).4. Rule of thumb for measuring is a dessertspoon per person and one forthe plunger (if you prefer a stronger coffee use more).5.... read full article


Taking the plunge with Gravity

My keys to the car & the house. Not to mention my cellphone & wallet. It's a bloody long walk to anywhere when you are out in the wop wops! My exercise for the month!


Taking the plunge with Gravity

KIDS - of course!! :D


Taking the plunge with Gravity

I hopped into the car as I do most mornings at 6.30 and drove into the city to the office. Very comfortable. Walking felt funny when I got out of the car and looked down ... to see I was wearing my slippers! Luckily I keep a set of shoes at work!


Taking the plunge with Gravity

Anivery gift for my recent ex...They would rather believe that I had forgot but not let me do the 40 min drive back to get it...or let me back after going and getting it...t'was a cold night.


Taking the plunge with Gravity

while dressing at home on my wedding day, i just had my old cumfy shoes on, meaning to put my wedding shoes on as i left the door, at the registry office i of course realised i'd left my shoes and chequebook & hubby forgot his teeth, we make a great pair! Also something not forgotten but taken by mistake was our 10month old cat who likes to sit on the roof of my car, i only realised when i got onto the motorway &saw the funny looks &stopped to have a look myself, he was quite happy perched up there(i always check now before i go out)


Taking the plunge with Gravity

I'd had a bad night, woke up late with no time for a coffee. I rushed my boys to school only to discover we'd forgotten their schoolbags. I went back home, picked up their bags & took them to school. As I got back in the car I realised I'd also forgotten my work laptop, so I had to go back home again. I got to work over an hour late to discover the coffee machine had broken down... luckily I don't work with sharp knives.


Taking the plunge with Gravity

left for town...on the drink and forgot my whole handbag with my id, keys and monetary funds, and didnt realise until i got to town had to pay for the taxi and ddnt have anyting!!!stupid!!!


Taking the plunge with Gravity

My house keys!


Taking the plunge with Gravity

Recently, I drove out to the airport to meet some clients who were hiring some vehicles from me. When I arrived there, I realised I only had the keys for the van I was driving and not for the second vehicle. Needless to say, I had 19 high school netballers waiting at the airport as I tried to grive back into the city to get the spare keys. It didn't look good for me, and it added another 2 hours to my already long day.


Taking the plunge with Gravity

My sons diabetes testing kit which is very important. Never done it again though.

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