Discussing :: Taking the plunge with Gravity

 We've got Ten easy steps & two killer prizes - cheers to the Gravity baristas and Blend Masters, to ensure you can take the plunge like the pro's.1. Start with a clean and dry coffee plunger.2. Use freshly ground Gravity coffee. The best results come from buyingbeans and grinding them as you go (and a grinder isn’t a hugeinvestment).3. Get the grind to the correct size (If the coffee grinds are too small it willmake plunging very difficult, if the coffee grinds are too coarse it willmake the coffee too weak).4. Rule of thumb for measuring is a dessertspoon per person and one forthe plunger (if you prefer a stronger coffee use more).5.... read full article


Taking the plunge with Gravity

There we were, 3000 feet above the ground in a hot air baloon when I realised I had the wrong jacket on, the other jacket (on the chair in the kitchen) had the engagement ring in it that I was going to propose with!


Taking the plunge with Gravity

My god damn passport! And never realized until we were up at the check in counter, D'OH!


Taking the plunge with Gravity

My mistress, geez was my wife pissed when she got home later that day from her business trip!!


Taking the plunge with Gravity

Come on guys. Show some honesty! I am not the only man alive who has forgotten his wife! (am I?) So I didn't see her, OK! She wasn't near the door. Aw come on, I (read WE!) had a plane to catch! (and then a tropiacl beach to sit on...beers to drink...pools to laze in...) And that's how our marraige began, me driving off to the airport for our honeymoon and her sitting in the lounge of our hotel, waiting for me to come up and get her after I bought the car up from the basement. Hmmmm. And they said marraige would be something special for us. They weren't wrong!


Taking the plunge with Gravity

The worst thing I have forgotten was last year when I was up all night doing an assignment. I managed to catch a few hours sleep before it was due, so I got up the next morning rushing to hand it in. I drove to uni whilst still half asleep and after probably several near misses and a death of a few household pets later I pulled up at uni. I got out of my car at uni and got halfway up the stairs when a person I knew passed by and told me I had no pants on.


Taking the plunge with Gravity

The undies i left at my girlfriends parents after staying the night...."honest Mrs Smith...we did sleep in seperate beds"


Taking the plunge with Gravity

Dad had just gone into hospital and whilst visiting, mum phoned and asked me to bring in his hearing aids when I came in. Well...life is busy right? I forgot completely about it until I got there and tried to have a conversation with dad, who is as deaf as an old post! Dad got better but it sure was funny trying to yell quietly in a hospital!


Taking the plunge with Gravity

my cellphone!!!!!


Taking the plunge with Gravity

My baby daughter....I was left in charge of our newborn and had to rush to the shops, grabbed keys, got in car, reached Supermarket, went to lock the car and spotted the empty carseat. Oops. Wife hasn't heard about it yet!


Taking the plunge with Gravity

My shoes.... I ended up at work running late wearing my slippers, didn't live that one down for a loooooong time


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