Discussing :: Swim with the dolphins in the Bay of Islands

Fullers GreatSights Dolphin Eco Experience in the beautiful Bay of Islands Swimming with dolphins can be a life changing experience so take this incredible opportunity to swim with dolphins in their natural environment. The intimate half-day cruise seeks out the many playful dolphins within the sheltered waters of the spectacular Bay of Islands. Join the Fullers GreatSights crew in searching for those tell tale splashes then jump into the warmest waters in New Zealand and snorkel with these majestic and inquisitive creatures – an experience you will never forget! Tickets valid until 30 April 2013 All customers that swim with... read full article


This would be awesome! I would love to do this with my daughter. She is such a fish in the water and would love the experience.


My husband and I would love this trip. He is from Canada and has always wanted to swim with dolphins


well if we won be a great excuse to go away woohoo please count me in that would be an awesome prize an escape from aucklands rat race


Ever since I could stand, I was dolphin's biggest fan. I know about the Hector's, the Maui and Risso's, And all about The dusky, the striped and bottlenosed, I've read all of the books by Wayde Doak and more, I had dolphin books from the ceiling to the floor! I went to marineland as a treat when I was ten, I wanted to go back, again and again! Now older, but my love for dolphins has not changed I still dream of swimming with them every day. This prize would absolutely change my life, Maybe encourage me to be a marine scientist! Please let me swim with the dolphins for a day, It would be a dream come true in every way. Please please please please Please please please please Please please please please Please please please please Please please please please Please please please please!!!!!!!


If there was anything my Ms would want for a gift would be to swim with Dolphins she is crazy about them the house is covered in ornaments and pictures and this would be a great Christmas present too! definitely would love to win this one ! if not may have to look into doing it for her


Heading up that way in march next year. Would be awseom to do something like this


This would make a great xmas present for my sister!


Awesome, would be psyched to win this!


mean always wanted to swim with dolphins me and my girlfriend would love this


Just what Ive been looking for as a christmas gift for my 8 year old daughter whos biggest wish is to swim with these amazing creatures, such an honour and a privilege to be amoungst them in their territory. I'd definitly volunteer to escort her also as its always been a dream of mine to swim with them and a great way to teach her about conservation.


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