Discussing :: Super City, some positive counter-comments to the emotional ranting from some quarters

Rodney on right track for local government A very good NZ Herald article: Local Government Minister Rodney Hide is looking into law changes that could divide council spending between core services, which councils could automatically spend money on, and “extras” - cultural, environmental and social spending and business investments that could require approval from ratepayers. I like the concept. It empowers ratepayers, while allowing Councils to perform core services without the possibility of inadequate funding. Mr Hide has not listed all the services he considers core council responsibilities. But he said it would be a wide definition... read full article


Super City, some positive counter-comments to the emotional ranting from some quarters

I just read an article in the local paper, in which they rave on about how Rodney Hide wants to dump libraries, parks, tennis courts and such from Local Body responsibility. This is in direct contrast to what he is reported tas saying in the Herald. I feel inclined to believe the Herald report more than the opinion of a local newspaper columnist.
He has made it clear that the concern of Government is the way in which some Councils have gone off at to much of a tangent, and invested in things like failed soccer games, a Lotto shop for goodness sakes and the like. Sounds like a good approach to me.
If the local population see a need, then they can authorise the Council to take action in some way. But over-enthusiastic Council members or staff need to have their wings clipped in this regard.
If commercial interests dont think a project will fly, why should it be sucessful because a Council takes it up?


Super City, some positive counter-comments to the emotional ranting from some quarters

I feel this whole issue in the So-called Super City is Hogwash.Why waste all our Money on this!Have not the rate payers billing out more than their share!This is just and excuse,a poorly recommended one by those who have not grasp the fundamentals of recession that is occurring in New Zealand and the Globe.So this issue with funds from tax payers is a nightmare happening with the Children who say that we should agree too this poor endeavour of the So_Called Super City.HOGWASH I SAY!!!I say No too this SO CALLED SUPERCITY!!!!


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