Discussing :: Summary of Phil Goff on The Nation

   1. Will increase income tax   2. Will not decrease GST   3. Happy to work with Winston again read full article


Summary of Phil Goff on The Nation

Please someone save us from these backward thinking morons. The loser Labour party sucked this country dry when they were in power, parasites on the tit of society. What we need is an IQ test before your allowed to vote and a job!


Summary of Phil Goff on The Nation

We realy need some good leaders running this counrty. and currently we havnt had a good policition running the counrty for abotu a decade, they need to sort there crap out and do tere job properly


Summary of Phil Goff on The Nation

The government are much like the all blacks once it went professional and brought in all the yuppies they went backwards. either way raise gst and lower tax or vise versa it still the same DAYLIGHT ROBBERY, Though might get a job there so I can defraud the country and pay for my mistress and take here on holiday and get away with it Go you good thing!!!


Summary of Phil Goff on The Nation

For labour to win the next election,they first have to get rid of Phil Goff, all who are labour surporters want him gone and put in someone with balls,(bring back Helen), other wise Winston will be in power instead of labour.


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