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Most people will agree that wine and dessert go well together, holding hands as they skip into the sunset of your mouth. Just the very image of a glass of wine next to a plate of tiramisu is enough to make most people salivate, drooling like a person about to fall in love at first bite. It seems simple enough: a glass of wine, a plate of sweets, a taste bud or fifty, but wining and dining in this manner needs more than a twinkie and a bottle of sugary liquid; it requires proper pairing of food and wine for the ultimate experience. It also requires a knowledge of what the term "dessert wines" truly entails.Dessert wines, by definition, appear pretty simple:... read full article


Sugar on Top: the Basics of Dessert Wines

Sounds like a great mixture to me,and I really love the bottle shape.


Sugar on Top: the Basics of Dessert Wines

mmm desert wines are like a good lover, they caress your taste and give you a warm feeling inside!


Sugar on Top: the Basics of Dessert Wines

I remember trying a blueberry wine that I thought would go great with pancakes. Does that make it a dessert wine, or a breakfast wine?


Sugar on Top: the Basics of Dessert Wines

Don't know about desert wines. Just a bit too sweet for my liking.


me and my wife went to martainbourgh, and fell in love with margrain late havest reiseling, she called it "an orgasim in your mouth" it so rich and sweet.....


If you get a chance, try the Rongopai dessert wines. I forget the name of the one with the botrytis, but its delicious and incredibly moreish.


I have never tried a dessert wine - think I might need to get some to try


Given the sweetness of a desert wine I like that the alcohol content remains above 14%. My partner made feijoa wine this year and I'm sure the fermentation process was stopped as she did not add water to the air lock which resulted in a very sweet wine. I do wonder what the alcohol content was but its all gone now so I guess I wont be finding out.

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