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By the time Sunday evening arrived I was decidedly grumpy. This was a big shift from the 'high as a kite mood' that Saturday delivered. After almost two years of house renovations I could see a dream nearing realisation. The vision turned me into some sort of demon. I wielded the paintbrush at the speed of a Samurai Warrior's sword in battle.My mood changed, growing darker with the fading light. Things went wrong, I felt tired of painting, renovating and the house in general. Thoughts of all the tasks needing my attention over the coming week made me feel even worse. The conversation with my partner that evening was stilted and I became annoyed... read full article


Stress, the Relationship Killer

I have personally found that stress is a relationship grim reaper! Lately i have had a few things go wrong, not enjoying work, stressed, tired all the standard stress triggers. As a result started getting snappy and never happy. My poor wife and kids wore the brunt of it, i would snap at them, yell at the kids for something trivial, snap at the wife for no apparent reason. got to the point where almost seperated. that was a hard pill to swallow, but it made me look at why i was doing these things, and sure enough i didnt have a good work/life balance which caused untold stress on me and the family. Since then have started to turn things around and family life is better, i am not taking my stress out on the kids or wife. This has improved things so much. So all i can really say is there needs to be a good balance of work/life, more toward the life!


Stress, the Relationship Killer

I absoulutley believe that stress creates tension in relationships. I know for a fact that when ive had a long day with the kids and my partner comes home i find any little thing to nag at him for. So pathetic but im not sure why i do it!! Hes had a long day at work also. I am trying though and it is getting better. I just keep telling myself to stay positive because the last thing i want is for the stress to take away my family! Very good article though. Im sure many people would relate in someway. Thanks


Stress, the Relationship Killer

Yes, totally agree with this article. Although I have found that since BOTH myself and my GF have been going to the gym and working out, our stress levels have been much lower. I've been going for some time, but she's only joined in the last few months. Everyone knows exercise is a great stress reliever, so get out there and do it together. Your relationship will be much more enjoyable!


Stress, the Relationship Killer

Good Communication and time is a great healer, when your in the middle of a stressful situation/period there seems to be no solution.


Stress, the Relationship Killer

Stress kills everything slowly but relationships quickly. I just made that up. Hence the lameness.


Stress, the Relationship Killer

Stress certainly can be a mood killer. i know after working a 14 hour day that i get a little short in the fuse. Which only comes back to bite myself on the bum when it comes to getting any affection sometimes. Must learn to leave work at work when you finish for the day.....


Stress, the Relationship Killer

That Love Jar sounds like a great idea. Might try it :)


Stress, the Relationship Killer

Tell her to get another job to pay for the Renovations or make you a sandwich. "love jar" is this what males have been brought down to ? Take two weeks off...get on a boat/plane/drinking binge, stress gone.


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