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Stolen Girlfriends Club 'Untitled' Spring 2011 show

would have been interesting to be in that supermarket


What a sight to see skinny girls all dressed up and strutting the pet food aisle. Classic.


where is this supermarket


The first commercially developed jetpack, The Martin jetpack, is ready for mass production and will soon be released to the public. The City of Los Angeles has already ordered 10,000 jetpacks for its police, paramedics and fire department. “We’ll all be flying around L.A. soon,” said Mayor Antonio Villaragoisa. “And it’s another great tool for law enforcement.” Jet-Park? Oh I thought you said a comment about a Jet-Pack. Woops!


Its New World Victoria Park here in Auckland.


How come NZ next top model Danielle Hayes wasn't in this photo shoot???? Oh sorry i did see her she was working as a check out girl at the Supermarket! It's it ironic?


This is such a cool idea! At fashion festival last week I kept thinking that the clothes look great on the runway but no one would wear them in the real world! Seeing this video has changed my mind, the clothes look fab at the supermarket! I'll definately be uping my supermarket/picking the kids up wardrobe!!!!


This is New World Victoria Park isn't it? I go there mainly for the scenery anyway.


I'll have 3 pints of whatever the hell he's been drinking...


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