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STIHL Chainsaw Safety Awareness Week (May 4th – 10th 2009) aims to get across a strong but simple message to all those who own a chainsaw: a little effort can prevent serious injuries from occurring.  Getfrank are giving away the ultimate DIY package that includes a MS 181 MiniBoss® Chainsaw valued at $645, and a STIHL safety pack valued at $230.  Combined value: $875.  The sleek STIHL MS 181 MiniBoss® Chainsaw will be the perfect addition to your garden shed this winter. Trimming, pruning and chopping will be made easy with its light-weight design and superior performance. This petrol fuelled chainsaw will be all you need to get... read full article


STIHL Chainsaw Giveaway

HI, since it is chainsaw awareness weeks i will post a couple of stories relating to chainsaws. 1: A friend of my partner was up a tree doing some limbing work, my partner saw something bright orange fall from the tree. Turned out that it was his mate who had just cut through not 1 but both of the safety ropes that were keeping him up there. 2: one of my partners other mates was up a tree doing some work when he cut a branch the wrong way which then rolled onto his foot as it was falling, his boot bent upwards just behind the steel cap and broke all of his toes in the process. I'm sure that this chainsaw and especially the safety gear would come in very handy at out house. Tania


STIHL Chainsaw Giveaway

Cutting through some pipes buried in the ground to get to tree roots underneath, I was sure they were empty but it turns out they had live electrical wires. Safety first learnt.


STIHL Chainsaw Giveaway

Heres a true story about DIY petrol siphoning. I needed to siphon some out of a late model station wagon to fill the lawnmower. so i got the tube, eased it down into the tank, started sucking and sucking and sucking..... and nothing. so genuis that I am I attached a vacumm cleaner to the end of the tube and let that do the sucking, thinking a little help to get it flowing could be a good thing. Well hello!! It had barely even been on and there's a smell of smoke. I turn around and the vacuum cleaner is on fire. Flames and smoke and the thing still sucking. Holy Moly --- I thought. It would take only a few seconds for those flames to travel back up the tube and into the tank and blow the whole wagon, the garage and me sky high in a massive fireball. In a flash i grabbed the burning appliance, threw it outta the garage onto the lawn, pulled the tube out, grabbed the hose and put out the vacuum cleaner and a pool of flames on the concrete. Before promptly breathing one huge sigh of relief and taking my dumb arse to the petrol station to fill a petrol container.


STIHL Chainsaw Giveaway

Not ME but my FIL... At 71 years of age he climbed up a 15m tree with the chainsaw to cut some branches off... He slipped - and woke up on the ground some time later !!... 2 years down the track he is STILL suffering back pain !... Lucky it wasn't worse...


STIHL Chainsaw Giveaway

I decided to cut the tops off a very large tree (starting with Po.....wa) to increase our view of the city. I had to use a handsaw so no nosey neighbours would come out to see what I was doing. I climbed 25 feet up, and hand cut the branch. I then climbed back down. But alas, the said cut branch did not come down. So up I went with some rope,tied the rope around the branch and climbed down again. Once down I pulled and pulled until and it slowly came down. I was getting pissed off after about an hour of this, but I had to get the branch down and hidden.Eventually with a huge tug the branch came down, rather fast, on my foot!!.Twelve months later,25 sessions in the hyperbarric (oxygen ) chamber, and a huge doctors fees, I have decided that this was not the smartest way to get a better view!.


STIHL Chainsaw Giveaway

Shamefully after a long afternoon of putting up a new hurricane fence straining it and swinging the gate, in my hurry to get home from work and ready for rugby practice that night, i hoped in the truck and reversed quickly backwards without looking and right into my newly strained fence ripping my box stay right out of the ground and mashing up the back off my truck. lets just say i didnt quite make it to practice that night


STIHL Chainsaw Giveaway

when on the roof cleaning out the sprouting, i ended up braking a few tiles and ended up having to get the whole roof redone because when it rained the roof leaked real bad.


STIHL Chainsaw Giveaway

Almost sawing of my finger while trying to make a rabbit hutch - I was a mere 5 years old!


STIHL Chainsaw Giveaway

Hubby was digging with a digger and hit swerage lines, a drainlayer was sent in to fix it - he left swung the digger round and hit a water main... :)


STIHL Chainsaw Giveaway

I was chopping down some small trees when I was younger at my Auntie and Uncles with an axe, all was going well until my very young cousin sat right next to where I was chopping... I didn't see him there, took a swing and it slipped a bit and landed in the tree just inches from his head! I shat myself (not literally) and gave up chopping trees! Always check around your work area!

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