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You've met, romanced, and chosen each other, but no-one consulted the kids! You and your new partner are sweet. There's just one catch: you haven't chosen your partner's kids, and they surely haven't chosen you.  Negotiating a relationship that works with someone else's kids can be a taxing business. There's no one-size-fits-all guide for how a step-family should operate. Agreeing on how to act with each other is a good start. Developing workable, comfortable arrangements is more important than fitting the Brady Bunch mould.What is the relationship between you and the kids? From Snow White onwards the... read full article


Stepping into your role

This is one tough relationship to handle. Being a step dad is difficult. Theres no formula. You enter a negative scene. The first very important thing is not to attempt to substitute their real dad or be a parent. Try being a friend.

I forget the name of the book on the subject, I'll have to dig it up again, I think i'll be needing a refresher with my new family!


Stepping into your role

I come in as a new dad because the father passed away, the ghost can never do wrong, I as the step dad can! Step fatherhood is my lifes biggest challenge, trying to find the common ground with a child that has had such different up bringing to my own. I have read the 'raising boys' book, it gives you the stages of the a boys life but it does not give you the patients and understanding, that I guess has to grow.


I'm pretty lucky to have a 'normal' upbringing, I couldn't imagine having a step parent...


Being a stepdad has to have been my biggest challenge so far. Do everything you can to avoid it!

Just stumbled across this thread trying to search for something else (the search engine HATES me), so your girl friend has kids Jason? How's that working out? My reason for asking is I've always wondered how it would work if I ever do meet someone. I've met a couple of guys who really did love my kids as much as me, but for other reasons the relationship didn't work.


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