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The rugby season can be a tough one to tackle when it comes to eating well. Don’t miss out on the foods you love - create your own game plan and join in on the fun with this healthy and delicious ‘pub’ style meal without the ‘pub’ style calories! This easy and delicious recipe from Weight Watchers will keep you and your mates happy during the game – and keep you on track to a healthier life.Steak and chips are a perfect meal for game night, are easy to prepare, and for only 9 ProPoints, you can enjoy these guilt free! Servings:  4 Preparation Time:  15 minCooking Time:  30 minLevel of Difficulty:... read full article


Steak and Chips

You just CAN'T go wrong with this plate of food! Steak, egg and chips are as old as the mountains, yet, put it in front of a true meat lover / rugby supporter, and all the frustration of the slipped tackles, fumbles with the ball and aimless kicking melt away.... SSSSTTTEEEAAAAAKKKK!!!!


A real man's dinner - he doesn't need to know that the chips are baked not fried and it is a yoghurt dip. As long as it tastes good, he'll eat it.


Servings: 4?????? Whatever!!!! Another dish I could destroy in one huge sandwich while watching the rugby while drinking a beer in a pub! Out of all these Weight Watchers dishes, this is my favourite (as long as it comes with bread, and BBQ sauce!)


Photo looks like a appetiser...my partner would look at it and probably ask what the man course! hehe


I probably order somthing like this before the game on saturday! Hopefully the AB's serves us up some prime springbok steaks during the game!


Looks like a healthy recipe. Steak, Eggs, Chips & Mushrooms this is my meal of choice. Always order an eye fillet steak when we go to a restaurant for a special occasion like a birthday. Wish it was more often but l guess cooked on the BBQ at home is just the same. Bonus is you don’t have to Drink & Drive afterwards.


Must have Barbie tools!!


The perfect Kiwi platter of food!


Steak, Chips....say no more


o gosh I remember the days of having a nice steak with chips and a nice mushroom gray...these days I still have steak but minus the chips and the gravy....why do they have to take away the best bits and replace it with salad....lol


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