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 The sports supplement industry is a bit like fashion. Each season there’s something new and hot. The brand of the moment will tell you a fantastic new nutrient breakthrough - yet to be confirmed by ‘science’ - is finally here. They’ll go on to say that things look highly promising and after a great deal of exhaustive effort, research, and legal battles they’ve been fortunate to secure a worldwide patent securing exclusivity to them and them alone. Big name bodybuilders offer glowing testimonials of new found muscle. Athletes will tell us the difference made for winning gold medals. The astounding reviews go on. Wow, it all... read full article


Sports supplements

Good article. I've read more and more articles lately about what a waste of time/money all those fancy and expensive supplements are. I've used a few of them, and experienced very little gain from them. I'm currently using a product from Metagenics called "Myobolic". It contains all 3 of the above ingredients, Creatine Monohydrate(3g), HMB(1g) and L-Glutamine(2g). Tastes a bit average but I'm finding it works well. I take the serving a couple of times a day. It's $55 a container from where I get it.


Sports supplements

Totally, worked for a suppliment company a few years back, tried almost everything that they produced. The top three that i found to have helped the most was, 1) Protein suppliments. 2)Creatine Monohydrate. 3)Hmb's You could take as much suppliments that you could afford and still see pretty poor gains. Remember to see growth, sleep is the number one priority without enough of it your body will struggle to repair and grow. Food is next on the list, without eating enough your body wont be gaining enough nutrients it needs. and last on the list is suppliements so don't see suppliments as the be all and end all, there exactly what there name is, they are there to suppliment your good training,nutrition and sleep!


Sports supplements

I use a protein suppliment after working out, I notice it takes longer for my body to recover from the hard exercise if I dont take it.


Any views on buffered creatine such as Purple K etc???


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