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My first experience of the country that South Africa has become occurred after I got off the plane, and it’s one which sums up South Africa perfectly. Arriving in Johannesburg, I stumbled up an exit walkway at O.R. Thambo airport. Turning a corner, I saw standing a few feet away from me, five black airport workers. One had a wheelchair in front of her; the rest were sucking lollipops and chatting away.April 2014 will mark twenty years since South Africa became a democracy. So what comes to mind when visiting the country? Potential. Around each corner, it seems like there’s an opportunity to make a fairly respectable living. Handyman, plumber, your... read full article


South Africa revisited

Interesting article to read considering i myself am from there and have only moved to NZ 2 years ago... Nobody wants or like racism, but most people were quite comfortable with racism when it benefited themselves and now it is very uncomfortable when they are on the wrong end of it.. racism in general is wrong and i personally know and see and have lived through the changes in SA all my life.. there are many things that need to be changed for it to be truly democratic, but is any country that ever proclaims to be democratic really that?! South Africa is an unsafe country and there is no special place you can go that keeps you safe.. my family and myself were all affected at one point or another by crime and violent crime too and i can assure you none of us went looking for trouble... it isnt a terrible country, far from it.. and NZ is definitely a very tiny country in terms of population compared with SA.... we also are light years ahead of NZ in many ways in many different areas.. very hard to call it a 3rd world country.. anyways.. thanks for the article and i suggest you get a bit more informed on what you think you know about South Africa and maybe explore more opinions on SA than just a limited section.....

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