Discussing :: Sony Bravia NX700 40-inch Panel TV

This year, manufacturers have rushed to include an extra dimension in their products, with 3D TV supposedly storming living rooms in time for the World Cup (though not in New Zealand). But 3D’s not the only innovation televisual boffins have been working on. More affordable LED backlighting is delivering improved image quality to more people, while the availability of internet-enabled TVs is becoming commonplace. Sony’s new Bravia NX700 uses both technologies to fine effect.Available in 40- and 46-inch sizes, the NX700 employs edge LED lighting, which allows the panel to be relatively slim. Although it doesn’t provide the dramatic contrast... read full article


Sony Bravia NX700 40-inch Panel TV

Oh. My. God. What a TV ... Sony sure know how to make a damn good looking functional unit! Gimmie


Sony Bravia NX700 40-inch Panel TV

WOW!!! WOW !!! WOW!!! Calling this a mere TV is an insult.. This is true work of art.. And surely owner's pride... One more thing on my wish list now :)


Sony Bravia NX700 40-inch Panel TV

I was always a fan of Sony branded products, my whole entertainment system was Sony, until they started to develop cheap quality components. I rate them as standard with other brands now. It's a shame that you can't buy products that last these days. Once they faulter, the trend is just to throw them away and buy another cheap unit. Meh!


Sony Bravia NX700 40-inch Panel TV

Wouldn't my hubby just LOOOOOOOVEEE me more if I got him one of these for his bday!!!!! Mind you.. i'd probably use it more so it'll be a present for him thats REALLY for ME! hahaha


Sony Bravia NX700 40-inch Panel TV

I know my husband would absolutly love one of these. And maybe I wouldn't mind it myself.


Sony Bravia NX700 40-inch Panel TV

I would find a back-lit logo directly below the image I am viewing very distracting.


Sony Bravia NX700 40-inch Panel TV

Would love to watch all my favourite movies on one of those! I have a 25" just doesnt have the same impact that a tv of 40" has. Sony has some great quality products around. I tend to buy theirs before any other brand because you know it's going to last. Might have to start saving for one I think.


Sony Bravia NX700 40-inch Panel TV

Wow, I'd even suffer through watching sport if it was playing on this baby!


Sony Bravia NX700 40-inch Panel TV

40" mmmmm - need bigger!


Sony Bravia NX700 40-inch Panel TV

now I know that my girlfriend lies to me when she says size doesn't matter!


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