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Matt Orchard is a Christchurch based comic, and currently the organizer of monthly comedy nights at the Dux De Lux. Are smokers really being persecuted enough for your liking? Man, you know who society really just isn't nearly intolerant enough towards? Smokers. I mean OK maybe we've kicked them outside of bars despite the lack of any solid evidence that second hand smoke has caused one single death, and sure we run ads on TV all the time with messages like 'smoking is the one single thing that holds the world back from being a utopian paradise' not to mention our steady backing of groups like Life Education Trust which encourage children to... read full article



He was using a counter humourous argument. That's exactly what his point was.



Even though it was a joke it raises a fair point. Smokers in public virtually remove the non-smokers decision not to smoke because of the second hand inhalation. I've regularly bullied smokers into going the f&&k away from where I've been enjoying a meal, but I have also taken the pacifist road too and left myself. My question though is why should I leave or be forced to breathe that shit in? It's the smoker who is creating a different environment from the norm, therefore they should be forced to do it somewhere where others are not affected against their will. Ooh bit of a rant, I better go have a cup of tea and calm down.


so our family went to war to be killed and the govt supplyed the with smokes,the the heros that surrvived came back and told us how good smokes made them feel so how come these heros are now the enemy because them and there family smoke ???

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