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Alright Demolition Derby fans, start your engine and let's get ready to DEMOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Smashfest 09 has been confirmed. It will (as per usual) be held over Easter Weekend - 11th April 2009, Waikaraka Park in association with Warren Metals.Here is a sneak peek at some of the action to expect. Alternatively check out the Smashfest Website for more info.Fireworks & Pyros For the last two years people have bee talking about the fireworks. This again will be something that will take your breath away. We are here to achieve the WOW factor.Demolition Derby Limit of 150 cars - This year will have a limit of 150 cars for the... read full article


Smashfest 09

Cliff Diving... [video]wN-1hRqM9ow[/video]


Smashfest 09

Unbelievable. A car crashed into the Altamonte Mall, falling from the second floor to the first. [video]_aCtsv6aytw[/video]


Smashfest 09

This was the biggest accident of my career," said Latvala. "All was going well as we approached a right bend over a crest before a slow left corner. I was carrying too much speed into the crest and the car lifted. It hit a bank, went up onto two wheels and over the barrier. I rolled maybe 150m off the road. As we rolled there was an incredible noise and the roll cage started to fold in around us. It was very frightening." [video]DlARG0vTxeM[/video]


Smashfest 09

eek [video]Dq7Nk_PmJZg[/video]


Smashfest 09

Sorry, that was a FAIL. But here we are hopefully. SMASHFEST in the Dustbowl, the victor doing a victory lap. [video]ElOIK57FMWQ[/video]


Smashfest 09

OMG...... [video]QVwO_i45WME[/video]


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