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Problems sleeping can be a major drag on happiness — if you can’t sleep well, you can’t function as well during the day. Today a reader asked, “I want to spend less time rolling in the bed, and more time sleeping. I wanna be a baby again. Help!” I love the image of being a baby again — in my head, it conjures up not only sleeping peacefully (though in reality many babies don’t), but growing magically young again, care-free, without the worries that normally plague us and keep us up at night. I don’t have the magical pill that will make you young again, but I can offer some help with sleep. I’ve changed... read full article


Sleep Like a Baby

This sounds impossible but it is possible and works like a charm...think of nothing. I've mentioned this to others and their response was "but in order to think of nothing, i would have to think of thinking nothing". i like to think i have some sort of control over my mind and am able to shut a thought out as soon as it tries to come into my mind. i literally feel my head falling deeper into the pillow and eventually not pushing thoughts out my head, ill feel slightly awake and realise my thought process was something completely random and then notice i was starting to dream... sweet dreams.


All of the points above work for me and I would point out that reading a book on an e-reader e.g. like a Nook or Kindle with an e-ink screen, is more akin to reading a real book than reading off a computer screen. The only books I taker with me travelling are loaded onto my Nook and I find the experience is exactly the same as 'normal' reading (except that a Nook doesn't smack you in the face quite so hard if you drop off in mid-read)...


I've heard of most of your points before. One way to deal with worries that might be keeping you up is to get a bit of paper and write them down. That way you can tell yourself you'll handle those things the next day and not have them in your mind as much.


It can be difficult to drift off if your room is off the lounge and someone else in the house is watching tv or whatever... also helps if the room is completely dark. I get up early in the morning but I'm often not tired when I head off to bed in the evening.


Sleeping like a Baby would really be something so heavenly and available but sometimes hard to attain... with stress in work and daily routine, sleeping can be restless too... and I am glad I got some tips from your article above that will help me attain this good sleep I always wanted to have... Cheers!!!


My husband has a shocking sleeping pattern, he has had 4 operations over the last few years so is always in pain and has a lot of stress so doesn't sleep very well. He tries to catch up with a nap during the day which our 2year old and 4 year old think is the best time to make as much noise as possible. Will definitely be showing him this article, any advice is so welcomed.


I wonder if any of these will work for me as I work normally from 7pm to 7am :(


The one thing I can take action on is to not treat my bedroom as my study. I do way too much work in here - no wonder I sometimes find it hard to tune off and have a good doze.


cut your coffee intake like about 3to4 hrs before you hit the sack


thanks for the tips i hope this help me fall asleep faster then 2 hours it does now... it's crazy! time to cut out the coffee


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