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What is the most difficult part about simplifying your life? It is fairly easy to clean your closets and organize your belongings. It is possible to eliminate activities that are not really important to us (watching TV, web surfing.) Evensimplifying your finances is not too complicated if you have a general plan. The most difficult part about simplifying life is dealing with emotional attachments. Let’s say that you have an old picture frame (vase, shirt, shoes etc.) in your house. If it’s just a thing that you picked up on sale or bought ten years ago you will probably be able to change its permanent residence to... read full article


Simplify Your Life with Balance

totally agree with these sentiments - I just wish it was as easy as it sounds!


It is so easy to just go with the flow and become "unbalanced" you really need to consiously work on the things mentioned in the article as most of us tend to not live deliberately and just let life happen and spend mindless hours in front of some sort of a screen, perhaps just a lazy escape...


The mind is a powerful tool, it can so easily work against you as it can for you. Getting it under control remains one of the most important things you can do to all aspects of life. Simplifying life is one of the best things to do to aid this. I suggest a media fast for a week. That's right, don't look at the Newspaper, don't watch the news on telly. It is quite refreshing and use the gained time you get back from not doing these activities time to do something for yourself.


Very sound advice. It's good to clean your living space as well as your mental space, when you live with mess you live in mess. Clearing out and starting new can be more than just a cleansing process but can be a really good way of evaluating what is actually important in your life. Always wonder how people who lose their whole house in freak accidents or storms just pick up and carry on?
Because it's all just stuff, it doesn't matter to you or your health, in fact your health will be better off without all the distractions as you'll be able to pay more attention to it.


I just moved out of an apartment where I lived for 4 years and man, I can't believe how much crap I accumulated over these years!! It's certainly difficult to let go - I got rid of a good portion of my crap but there are still plenty more crap left that I just seem to have for the sake of having them... hmm. Half of the stuff I own I don't even use on a regular basis (I have a gumball machine for example because I like the idea of owning a gumball machine but I never actually used it! and this is just an example out of a hundred....!!).

Sometimes I envy people who can fit everything they own into a suitcase. Suitcase is not that realistic for me but hopefully I will be able to reduce my crap to a car load by the end of the year... we will see!!


I have recently balanced my life (and my books). Clearing out the drawers is an unnerving event, especially discovering old letters from equally old girlfriends. Mind you, those letters provide wonderful reading material when you are feeling down or when you want to reminisce about what once was.


My wife's a hoarder but she said If I ever cheated on her she would cut off and let go of something that I'm emotionally connected to!


Yes I have a very balanced life as I like to enjoy the simple and important things like porn, sport and beer (I wish!). hehehe


Fantastic advice...I need to show my in-laws this!


Do you think that you could get an interview with John Kirwan? Just so he could tell a bit of his story. I've read his book and it's pretty good. Just a thought. Otherwise great advice, keep it up

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