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Jockey has launched a new range of men’s underpants called Jockey Modal.  An environmentally friendly product, modal is a 100 per cent natural and renewable fibre extracted from beech trees. With the help of pupils at Fendalton Primary School in Christchurch, to kick off the new range Dan Carter has planted a grove of beech trees to celebrate the launch of the new range and help educate the next generation of New Zealanders about environmental sustainability. Dan Carter says; “This range has been produced with the environment in mind – the raw production is sustainable with processes being optimized and the by-products being... read full article


Signed Dan Carter - Jockey Modal's

I think Carter's 25 points against South Africa at Wellington in 2006 was definately the top of his game.


Signed Dan Carter - Jockey Modal's

First test against England this year has certainly re-established his position as the best first five eight in the world. I would consider it his most iconic game.


Signed Dan Carter - Jockey Modal's

i don't know really he's had some great games, but that sarah lynch sure looks hot ;-)


Signed Dan Carter - Jockey Modal's

You mean I havet o know something about rugby to win this?? Dan's not known for his rugby skills amongst us women ;) but ok - I agree with that Tim Kelly guy before - 25 poiints against South Africa in 06 - does that get me an entry?


Signed Dan Carter - Jockey Modal's

I don't know anything about rugby & would prefer toi win an unsigned pair...I don't even know who Dan Carter is but I've heard his name before?


Signed Dan Carter - Jockey Modal's

Dan the man has played every game great but i think the game that stands out the most was his game against Sth Africa where he ran with the ball and kicked amazingly well. Where can you find another great kicker who can find wholes and deliver passes to our centres?


Signed Dan Carter - Jockey Modal's

when he played the lions in wellington, some of the skill unbelievable!


Signed Dan Carter - Jockey Modal's

The second test against the British and Irish Lions(2005).He scored 33 points,(2 tries, 4 conversions and 5 penalties)


Signed Dan Carter - Jockey Modal's

my son says any game dan plays in as hes a great player and he never misses watchimg a game


Signed Dan Carter - Jockey Modal's

He's a legend in every game..but the game that got me screaming was in 2006 against the mighty Boks.


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