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Every champion has their winning rituals for performance. After all it's what you do every day that really counts. Much like the Gillette Champions - Tiger, Roger Federer, Thierry Henry, some sort of ritual to get you in the zone is all important before the big event. Tell us your winning formula to starting the day or getting ready for the big night out and be in to win one of 50 fusion razor packs. We're giving away prizes for the best submissions and comments of the day, so spill the beans and score a better shave with the new Gillette Fusion 5-blade razor.     read full article


Shit, Shower, & Shave

Having a epic surf in water wear you can wear board shorts this also includes; surfing with the sun coming up in the morning with a nice drink and breakfast waiting for you as you come in. Then in the evening having another surf with the sun setting and after having a few cold beverages looking at the last of the day with your girlfriend who then makes sure you have an amazing warm shower or bath! (whatever this means for you) Now that is a good day and gets me in amped to go out!


Shit, Shower, & Shave

Waking up dead early in the morning before the rest of the family gets up, cranking up the jug and sipping on a nice hot cup of coffee while I sort out the day. After a couple of hours to myself, my boy comes barrelling through the door and onto my lap. All he wants from me at this time of the morning is to tell me about his dreams. Nothing like a 4-year old's dreams to inspire you to greatness - pretty choice way to start the day in my book.!


Shit, Shower, & Shave

Before the big night... Quick strong black coffee to get a bit of movement down below(if you catch my drift...), after dropping the kids off, a piping hot shower to get the skin clean and soft, ready for an "as close as you can shave" so that there is no stubble and no "sandpaper" sound when you rub your hand over your face. Into comfortable jeans a t-shirt and my favourite boots, down one tall bottle of waikato, two shots of tequila, grab my guitar, out the door into the cab and gone...


Shit, Shower, & Shave

Hm, nothing like a Jagerbomb to keep things pumping when going clubbing. Also, nothing like a powerade and a pie to help cure that hangover :D


Shit, Shower, & Shave

Before a big date... Knock one out ... It's simple but it works! lol Helps you think with the head on top of your neck and not the other...


Shit, Shower, & Shave

Frig dont waste time getting all slapped up to go out and use the saved time and energy to have fun, works all the time :)


Shit, Shower, & Shave

For me nothing beats a coffee and a read of the paper in bed to start the day. Just a few moments of peace before all hell breaks loose in the form of two energetic pre-schoolers. Helps keep me sane (ish).


Shit, Shower, & Shave

Wake up - roll over and go back to sleep (I wish). My order is Shower Shave then Shit


Shit, Shower, & Shave

After a heavy night of Partying with LLLLadies...I usually pull a growler, take her home to the casa for a bit of peow-peow and after she shits the bed at 7:00 AM I'm up and in the shower ready for work...


Shit, Shower, & Shave

Come on lads ... the metro's can't go past the moisturise option after that blade shave in the shower (what water restrictions??)


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