Discussing :: Shifting the Balance of Power

“Co-management” and “co-governance” are buzz words in government circles. While they sound relatively benign, they are in fact creating a significant shift in the balance of power in New Zealand and as such represent a major constitutional change.[1] read full article


Shifting the Balance of Power

I am disgusted with what the National Party is doing here. I can't even find it in me to be angry with the Maori Party; of course they're going to try it on, its their job after all. This whole claims business has been out of hand for years and has become an industry in itself. Its high time our government grew some balls. If ever there was a case of the tail wagging the dog...


Shifting the Balance of Power

I think it's a double-edged sword for Maori: representation and cooperation are all very well but the flip side is that when it all gets wobbly financially, there expectation is that they will be expected to cough up their 'co-managed' and 'co-governed' share of the costs just like a real government has to.


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