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Now I’ve got to be honest, sporting titles are not forte. When graced with one, there is usually a subtle sigh heard and reluctant play at the last minute of a weekend. But then, there is one that breaks that negativity for me, one I can play for hours, and did. One of those being the brand spanking new Shaun White. I had a sneaky peek at this title, while it was still in BETA some months back, and I have to admit even back then, I was suitably impressed, but still held the notion that ‘it’s a sports title’. I was wrong, well it is a sports game, but it’s also so much more. From character customization to an ever evolving... read full article


Shaun White – Skateboarding

can't wait to try this out!


Shaun White – Skateboarding

"A skater game with a conscience" Sounds intriguing. While the graphics do look quite stunning visually I wonder whether they have followed through with the ability of true free roaming (being able to go anywhere and everywhere) like the newer versions of GTA are offering. Also I agree with the comment about some areas being 'off the board'. Developmental is ok but you wouldnt take a person out of a car in a racing game!!


Shaun White – Skateboarding

Looks like fun!


Shaun White – Skateboarding

Haha, looks like a fun moralising twist to the skateboard game genre.


Shaun White – Skateboarding

my son is a huge skateboard freak as well as game freak so will be getting this one for sure!


Shaun White – Skateboarding

oh a game with a conscience.. lol sic game that I'd love to get my hands on, awesome


Shaun White – Skateboarding

shaun white is the sickest oranga-tane since ginger spice, gnar-shred


Shaun White – Skateboarding

Might appeal to a much younger age range than it normally does as being into sports games i have enjoyed the Shaun White ones but what i want out of it is to improve skills,attempt more tricks not colour the world, or save humanity.


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