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This week I’m taking a break from giving you sex tips and advice. Instead I thought I’d share some seriously odd sexual stuff with you - purely for your entertainment. So read on to hear about a girl who has 200 orgasms a day and a guy who had sex with the pavement!   read full article


Seriously Odd Sex Stuff

no 4' Tea for two, two for tea? Obviously they didn't have any friends to invite over and thought of something else to do with the empty tea-cup! And imagine the look on the bomb-squad's faces when they showed up to the emergency call from the hospital! Also what on earth happened to the rest of Missy Piggy, I guess those were Kermit lost his glasses whilst searching for her! Haha....it's so funny yet very sick at the same time!


Seriously Odd Sex Stuff

A friend of mine was an emergency nurse at Brighton Hospital, England (the gay capital of the UK). Apparently they kept an extensive collection of items removed from asses over a 10 year period, the most common of which were vvegemite jars....work that one out!

Ew!!! I don't think I'll ever be having vegemite on my toast ever again! and I wonder why they would keep that stuff?


Seriously Odd Sex Stuff

NO 6 . For gay men that is the ultimate surely, no partner, no heartache, no custody dispute. :)


Seriously Odd Sex Stuff

A friend who works in a hospital has seen the x-ray of a woman who's vibrator had worked its way up her intestines because it was inserted to far whiule still being on. The woman had to get full on high risk surgery to have it removed. Imagine ending up in surgery because youy got a little kinky with a vibrator,


I wonder how many of these situations were added by a partner or "helper" and then when things seemed to go a little "to far" (pun intendid) the inserter left the insertie at hospital. HHHMMM makes one think.

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