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The combination of wine and cheese may sound a little cliche, perhaps, dare I say, even a little cheesy. Still, since their invention, wine and cheese have been a dazzling duo, going together like strawberries and champagne, Merlot and steak, boxed wine and Taco Bell. Doing it their way, yes their way, wine and cheese are the Laverne and Shirley of the alcohol industry.It may seem odd that two such separate entities have the ability to do this. After all, these two products come from seemingly opposite poles: wine is made to perfection; cheese can be processed to fit into a spray can and forego refrigeration. Wine is served with lobster; cheese is sprinkled on... read full article


With the recent bombardment of MAN-advertising I will look forward to tasting some man cheese once someone releases some.........Uhhhh OK that didn't sound right!! But you know what I mean...


A good wine goes with a lot of things but in combination with a cheese platter (and some nice crackers) allows the flavours to permeate and stimulate the palate.... and importantly of course, actually serves to slow down the guzzling of the wine....


Wine and cheese do go pretty well together!


wine and cheese tasting is always a great way to start an evening


Wine and Cheese, a real partnership made in heaven... add some grapes and the threesome is ultimate heaven... will really give you an awesome experience and picture of the real cheesy Cheers!


Feta a Greek cheese made from sheep's milk, great as a snack with crackers especially with a wine glass in the other hand.


...as long as the snack doesn't impede the guzzling.


a good cheese board has to include a nice strong Blue of some description - be it straight blue or a blue brie....wine will depend on what is in the fridge Ive always gone with though. ;o~




Wine and cheese, what more could we want!

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