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Six or seven years ago if somebody had recommended I bought a Samsung product I probably would have laughed in their face. But in recent years the brand has become synonymous with a broad range of high quality electronics at surprisingly affordable prices. Check out any list of LCD/Plasma TV’s based on quality and you’ll find Samsung firmly in the top 3 brands. I am currently in the market for an entry level DSLR camera and have been looking at what the Nikon D series, Canon EOS and Sony A series have on offer. It never even crossed my mind to consider Samsung as a legitimate source for cameras. So when Samsung offered me a trial of their NX10 DSLR... read full article


Samsung NX10 DSLR Camera

Wow, this sure looks awesome.. Nice article. This hellped me decide what to buy, since I have been looking out since a while.. Thanks heaps.


Samsung NX10 DSLR Camera

I agree thats very interesting, in the need for a new camera and this Samsung looks awesome.

I think it's time to upgrade to DSLR, now just have to get the money to afford it!


Samsung NX10 DSLR Camera

Recently bought a Lumix G1 and am stoked with it. This Samsung one looks pretty choice as it takes Vids as well, mine doesn't. May well have to have a look at changing it up.


Samsung NX10 DSLR Camera

yeah would love a new camera. Samsung electronics have come a long way and are very innovative


Samsung NX10 DSLR Camera

i'm a hopeless photographer...is it the camera or the photographer or the subject to blame? would love to try this one and get rid of my old camera. my kids would love to have a new gadget. kids and new tech goes well together!


Samsung NX10 DSLR Camera

I need a idiot proof camera as I'm pretty hopeless at taking photos.


Samsung NX10 DSLR Camera

I used to have a SLR camera (not digital). It took absolutely brilliant photos, but I succumbed to the temptation and got a point and shoot digital just for the ease of carrying it around, cheaper price, and of course because it was digital. Have to say I'd love to upgrade to a DSLR - this one looks great.


Samsung NX10 DSLR Camera

gonna wait for it to get cheaper, ha ha


Samsung NX10 DSLR Camera

A friend of mine has brought one from korea. the camera screams AWESOME


Samsung NX10 DSLR Camera

Like Like Like. Actually, Love Love Love. This looks amazing!

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