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It’s Time to Tab!  The new Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 combines elegant design and crystal-clear display with super-fast, super-smooth connectivity and browsing.  At just 8.6 millimetres slim and weighing just 565 grams, the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 offers outstanding mobility and style. The stunningly vibrant WXGA 10.1 inch display means movies and photos come to life with the super-sharp, vivid screen quality. You can capture your memories with the 3 megapixel rear camera, video chat with friends using the 2mp front camera and enjoy HD quality video playback.  Features such as the Live Panel home screen and the Mini Apps tray for your... read full article


Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1

All these devices seem to be rather expensive and unnecessary to the operating of daily life, but at the same time hold this mystical notion that life would just be so much better if you had it. I want one!


Prices will go down eventually especially with the introduction of the Kindle fire just coming on to the market in the US, apparently it does everything the ipad and the galaxy does but at half the price, I just wonder if the NZ market will ever see them


yeah i read something about how the companies are marketing it so hard as they want to be able to track us everywhere can sell that data to companies etc can trace all our interests, ie phone notices that you are at the beach alot and next time you drive past a surf/beach wares shop your phone beeps and says how bout going in here etc and then the dark side of being able to track us for other reasons - ie you are at a protest rally and they can cite you or arrest you as your phone gps unit has told the police wehre you are

It's already happening mate, I was not surprised to hear that Facebook already tracks our movements anywhere on the net, even when you're not logged in. I also heard a rumor that the police are already capable of tracking your physical movements irrespective of whether your GPS is switched on or off.

@Jason I suspect Google have been doing it long before Facebook


Early technology adopters pay the premium price and @ the moment it seems these tablets are way over-priced- history suggests they will drop fast unless Apple iPad continues to dominate the market as a must-have accessory for the techno-savvy legions. Competition followed by quality followed by quantity will ultimately determine the true market value of all tablets.


@DeeDee - Oooo, yes! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0051VVOB2/ref=famstripe_kf US$199 Might have to get me one of them... Kindle Fire, that is...


I suspect that the gap between the iPad and the Android based devices will remain. Apple has over 70% of the world market share for iPod, due to a large extent to iTunes. The iPad is similar, the App store providing a user experience way better than anything that the Android market can come up with. Still, at $199 the Kindle Fire does look interesting.


I hope that the consumer market gets so competitive now that Kindle Fire and other devices coming on to the market make the ipad etc drop in price would be good for us...but am liking the Kindle Fire it looks cool...and is a big step up from their e-reader so can't wait to see what the next version will have....and my preference has always been android based systems I have used both and found Android more accommodating....


Haha! Isn't it interesting how geeks understanding of "lets get loaded" differs significantly from the rest of humanity???


Am I the only one who, before playing a youtube clip, looks at the length and considers if I want to spend 2.44 (or whatever) mins of my life watching it?

No, that's just you.

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