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This isn't saying much considering what a dubious season it has been, but "Salt" is just about as accomplished in the action department as any film released so far this summer. It's a pure exercise rather than a fully developed narrative, but director Phillip Noyce (1999's "The Bone Collector") and screenwriter Kurt Wimmer (2009's "Law Abiding Citizen") keep things moving with tight pacing, competent stunts, well-choreographed death-defying moments, and a plot that gets to the point and then leaves the viewer guessing for the duration. Because the characters are pawns within a chess game rather than distinctly three-dimensional... read full article



Waiting eagerly for this one!! looks like an awesome flick!



can't wait



This looks like a really good movie. There's a game and competition on http://www.sonypictures.co.nz/movies/salt/dayxexists/site/ - try it out!



Russian Spies are really in the USA. Who said the cold war was over? This is Great timing for this movie to come out.



"preposterously fun, free of the heavy exposition and bloated clunkiness" - What is this guy on? I think the obvious conclusion is that Salt IS a double-agent, and I look forward to seeing a final twist that isn't so predictable.



this movie looks so good can't wait to see it!!!!!!!!!



We don't get out much as a couple anymore - the kids see to that. But we've been saying lately we should go to the movies... But what to see? I've had SALT earmarked (over Step Up 3D) and after reading your review I'm sold. Just have to convince the wife!



Not sure about this film. Looks like it could be another in the mould of 'Killers'- a film that one critic said couldn't have got more annoying had someone stepped in front of the cinema screen and blown continuously on a vuvuzela!



best film to show off angelina's new thin figure. but ya looks like a great spy action film. hopefully there are a lot of twists similar to inception :)



Looks like its gonna be good

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