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Saint modern is NZ’s latest streetwear label designed exclusively for FARMERS department stores.  Saint modern's mission is to offer high end boutique streetwear at a great price. All garments are designed right here in NZ. Their tees are tailored to a high end fashion cut, they all use good quality 100% pre-shrunk cotton, and they all use quality cotton elastine rib to make sure each tee keeps its shape wash after wash. Saint modern’s first collection Summer 09/10 consists of purely mens tees all priced at just $29.99, this collection hits FARMERS stores throughout NZ on the 6th of August 2009.  To celebrate GetFrank have 10... read full article


Saint Modern T-Shirt

Underwear always goes on the inside of pants... always


Saint Modern T-Shirt

Use your eyes - if you're walking down town and think EVERY single person you see is wearing weird clothes... then you're the one who is gonna look weird! And if you'd prefer advice from a trusted professional, then Tim Gunn says the biggest mistake men make in fashion is to wear their shirts untucked and hanging loose. Either find shirts that fit properly or invest in a well fitted jacket.


Saint Modern T-Shirt

Smelling good may not help you, but smelling bad will definitely harm you.


Saint Modern T-Shirt

If you want your clothes to look good go to the gym - because it's what's inside that counts?!


Saint Modern T-Shirt

please keep your underwear covered. Don't like to see bras or your knickers.


Saint Modern T-Shirt

Red and Green together = no. You look like a christmas tree.


Saint Modern T-Shirt

does"nt matter how old you are if you dress casual you dont stand out in a crowd.


Saint Modern T-Shirt

colour, be bold. even if u wear alot of black and especially if u do, accessorse in bright bold colours, reds are great for un uplifiting feel, and they stand out. Colour seems to make people feel and look so much better


Saint Modern T-Shirt

Don't wear skimpy little dresses during winter. Guys don't find stupidity attractive!!!


Saint Modern T-Shirt

Black is slimming and goe with everything.


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