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Saint modern is NZ’s latest streetwear label designed exclusively for FARMERS department stores.  Saint modern's mission is to offer high end boutique streetwear at a great price. All garments are designed right here in NZ. Their tees are tailored to a high end fashion cut, they all use good quality 100% pre-shrunk cotton, and they all use quality cotton elastine rib to make sure each tee keeps its shape wash after wash. Saint modern’s first collection Summer 09/10 consists of purely mens tees all priced at just $29.99, this collection hits FARMERS stores throughout NZ on the 6th of August 2009.  To celebrate GetFrank have 10... read full article


Saint Modern T-Shirt

Dont tuck you tshirt in, let it hang loose

Never be seen in Red and Green !!!!!!!!!!

Blue and green should never be seen!


Saint Modern T-Shirt

Don't buy a small size unless you want to suck it in all day!


Saint Modern T-Shirt

Layers! Layers! Layers! The ultimate way to build a great winter look and survive the cold outside at hot heated rooms is to wear layers!


Saint Modern T-Shirt

If you are a little bit big boned, never wear horizontal stripped clothes as this will make you look bigger. Go for black vertical stripped clothing!


Saint Modern T-Shirt

Don't buy Crocs they'll only make you ugly


Saint Modern T-Shirt

Black really does go great with everything.


Saint Modern T-Shirt

oh and chicks if you don't want me to stare at your boobs don't wear T shirts with little writing across your chest. I'm not the quickest bloke so it takes a while to register what it says. More a leg man myself anyway


Saint Modern T-Shirt

Never be seen in RED and GREEN


Saint Modern T-Shirt

If you're putting on a bit of weight, wear loose clothing as it hides the bulges


Saint Modern T-Shirt

Dont wear your jeans around your thighs, old ladies are gonna want to pull your pants up.


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