Discussing :: Sà©bastien Loeb Interview

 Getfrank will be shooting a round of questions at Sébastien Loeb in the coming week, arguable the most successful rally driver in history - Winner, with co-driver Daniel Elena, of the World Rally Driver's Championship title in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 and of a record ten World Rallies in 2005. We're opening up the floor for quality questions, we've also got two trays of Red Bull to inspire. read full article


Sà©bastien Loeb Interview

are there any rallies that have special significance with you? you've had success in all, but are there any, such as rally argentina or ADAC germany, that stand out as favourites?


Sà©bastien Loeb Interview

Do you enjoy coming to new zealand to race?, and what do you enjoy most about new zealand?.


Sà©bastien Loeb Interview

How many women have slept with you because you are a top rally driver? hey you did say quality questions right?


Sà©bastien Loeb Interview

What do you enjoy most about racing here in NZ?


Sà©bastien Loeb Interview

How would you describe your driving technique on the open road?


Sà©bastien Loeb Interview

Whats the closest youve come to cheating death?


Sà©bastien Loeb Interview

Have you ever written a letter to try and get off a parking ticket, or been let off a speeding ticket once the policeman realized who you were?


Sà©bastien Loeb Interview

What's the craziest thing a woman fan has ever done?


Sà©bastien Loeb Interview

Which would you class as being the most challenging course you have raced in your career


Sà©bastien Loeb Interview

As a former Gymnast and four times Alsatian champion, once champion of the French Grand East, and 5th in the French Championship, what was the defining moment in your life that persuaded you to switch sport and pursue motorsport


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