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Sir Roger Douglas, ACT Party The tax cuts that have been shelved cost under $1 billion.Government spending in the 09/10 year is over $65 billion. In other words, the Government needed to find just 1.5 percent of waste to deliver their tax cuts. This is against a backdrop where Government spending is, in real terms, $18 billion dollars higher than it was nine years ago. Spending:Government expenditure is on the rise. Core Crown Expenditure in the 2007/2008 was 31.8 percent of GDP. Under National it will surge to 37.3 percent of GDP in 2010/2011. Even by 2012/2013, it is 36.3 percent.The cost of spending to the private sector is not just the value that the... read full article


Round-up of other Budget comments

So, what this is all saying to me, is that we missed out on the opportunity to make a big stride forward, and opted for greyness. This brought about for fear of a Ratings drop, and for fear of provoking too many of the entrenched mandarins in Treasury, IRD, WINZ, Health, Education. All of whom fear that their policy making over the past few years would get shown up for its grey socialistic lean. Fear that the true waste and extravagances of thier Departments may be uncovered if they accepted any real cuts in the flow of cash that gives them power. Where is the leadership to help drive the economy forward? The encouragement and incentives to build new business, create new exports? They canned the tax incentive on R & D because it was seen by the grey people as potential for exploitation. In other words, they could not monitor how the money was spent. But better have the chance of a few brilliant successes from it than kill it all off.

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