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Any trip to London for a self-respecting vinyl nerd is incomplete without a trip to Rough Trade records, the shop which gave birth to the label which just owned the early ’80s, putting out masterpieces by the likes of the Young Marble Giants, The Feelies and The Clean. I’ll post clips at the bottom. They are all amazing. But it was the shop that started it all. On prior trips to the UK I’ve always made the pilgrimage to the original Rough Trade store, on Talbot Rd in Portobello. It was started in 76 and remains as pokey and passionate as ever, with reams of incredible albums which have a strong sense of John Peel’s ethic about them.... read full article


Rough Trading

Wow the 80's Rocked!!!,for me it was Heaven on Earth,Manic and Crazy,So much Greed,Passion,Full on in your Face,A time of all you can eat and have fun!!!!A Revolution in Political,Musical, Historical in the making!!!Music coming out of london from the 80's still bounce the airwaves!A must do visitation!!!


Rough Trading

Surprised Collapsing Cities over Cut off your Hands, and no checks? Thought they were big over there.


Rough Trading

Speaking of the 80s and kiwi bands, 'the chills - pink frost' is close to being my favourite kiwi song. [video]CAcZtIwnOXs[/video]

Orginally NZ - Dragon 'Young Years' 80's track, league of its own... gets me close to tears if you turn it on while I'm on the chop - full lungs blazing hahah


& Another, yeah man Dragon has hands down for the 80's

RIP Neil Storey - drummer (1954 - 1976)
RIP Paul Hewson - keyboards(1952 - 1985)
RIP Marc Hunter - lead vocals(1953 - 1998)



Rough Trading

I love how vinyl just ... keeps ... hanging ... in ... there.


Rough Trading

dayum thats old school


Rough Trading

I honestly don't know what to say about this track. I think you should just listen to it. [video]PSwvQsMY2Bs[/video]


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