Discussing :: Rough Justice: The Rex Haig Story

10 years in prison for a crime you didn't commit. Rex Haig did just that for the murder of Mark Roderique, a crew member on Haig's own fishing boat, Antares. The murder conviction was quashed by the Court of Appeal in August 2006, nearly two years after Rex Haig's release on parole. Haig's nephew, David Hogan, who claimed that he saw his uncle kill Mr Roderique, is now regarded by the Court of Appeal as a suspect for the murder, and, by at least one of the three Appeal Court Judges, as an 'utterly unreliable' witness. Rex Haig never gave up fighting against his wrongful conviction. His fight included involvement in a hostage-taking... read full article


Rough Justice: The Rex Haig Story

Getting the girl next door pregnant. I slept with her for sure! But It wasn't me who got her up the duff. I'm infertile!! I got a letter from the doctor confirming so and showed it to her. She left me alone and I moved flat. I wonder if she ever found the father?


Rough Justice: The Rex Haig Story

I cannot think of any time I have been framed, but it does make me wonder that there are now a number of convictions that are questionable to say the least. Take David Bain, Scott Watson, Mark Lundy and the chap Doughaty (may have mis-spelt sorry) who's conviction was overturned from later results of DNA . It seems the Police are under greater pressure to convict from politicians, media and of course us the public; are the investigations rushed to satisfy our 'justice lust'?


Rough Justice: The Rex Haig Story

Framed for beating up a boy at school - it wasn't me!!


Rough Justice: The Rex Haig Story

Fines for numerous parking infringments in Wellington, it was my car but I had sold it six months before and the ownership hadn't been changed.


Rough Justice: The Rex Haig Story

Smashed front windscreen in my parent's car. Found out I had left car in school grounds and a ball must have been thrown at it while I was inside. I didn't even realise it was cracked and drove home quite innocent.


Rough Justice: The Rex Haig Story

Some stupid stinker of a boy farted in the lift and ran out leaving me the only one in there when it stopped on the next floor and let about 7 people on. I ran out with 'jeepers what a stinker' ringing in my ears....


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