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Every man struggles to know what to get their Valentine on that special day coming up. Roses Are Red is here to make it easy. Red roses surely are the most traditional and guaranteed way to impress your sweetheart. At Roses Are Red they have an awesome range of gifts and more, all which can be delivered nationwide on the day. Ordering with them is easy – see the full range and order online at www.rosesarered.co.nz or phone (0800) RED ROSE. You can even add some naughtier treats in with your flowers…. they stock a huge range of chocolates, wine, champagne, toys and novelties which can be added to make your gift extra special. WIN! As a... read full article


Roses Are Red - Valentines

Take her on a trip to Croatia where she has always wanted to go because her grandfather is from there. Then do the rest of Europe too.


Roses Are Red - Valentines

I'd get my darling husband what he'd love most of all for Valentine's Day - a PS3, an XBOX360 and a myriad of games. Maybe not romantic but if I gave him those consoles he'd love me forever :-)


Roses Are Red - Valentines

Shes always wanted to go on a pacific cruise with snorkeling, spas and pampering things; so it would have to be that for the ultimate valentines.


Roses Are Red - Valentines

My hubby has always wanted a boat - so I would buy him a boat, deck it out with tons of seafood (his fav - i can't stand it!), candles & wine and let him cruise to where ever he wants. Perhaps not everyones idea of romance but it would be perfect for him!!


Roses Are Red - Valentines

Just a deserted beach at sunset would do, taking the time to be with the one you love means more to mean than material things.


Roses Are Red - Valentines

i would take him to amsterdam (he has been wanting us to go there for ages), stay in the best 5 star hotel, order the best champaigne and check out the city and everything in the city ;)


Roses Are Red - Valentines

I would but myself sexy new underwear everyday for the rest of my life and make sure he saw plenty of it!


Roses Are Red - Valentines

I'f money wasn't an object I would insist we ditch our crappy day jobs and put all our efforts into making the world a better place. There's nothing more impressive than finding a cure for cancer, building water wells in Tanzania or spending endless afternoons rescuing animals and still finding time to say I love you, happy valentines.


Roses Are Red - Valentines

I would love to be the person I was when he met me and fell in love with me - a lot less cynical, taking time to stop and smell the roses, taking time to stop and really listen to what he has to say instead of being caught up in the rush of doing this and being too tired to make time for him - and me and ridding mydelf of those 15 kilos I managed to find since being with him... but most of all I think what he would want most is just my time ....my undivided attention and attention - the stff that kind of goes by the wayside when there are children, you have work committments and other demands on time.


Roses Are Red - Valentines

if money was no object, i would arrange a day out for my aging Hippie Husband, with Brian Wilson.


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