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Every man struggles to know what to get their Valentine on that special day coming up. Roses Are Red is here to make it easy. Red roses surely are the most traditional and guaranteed way to impress your sweetheart. At Roses Are Red they have an awesome range of gifts and more, all which can be delivered nationwide on the day. Ordering with them is easy – see the full range and order online at www.rosesarered.co.nz or phone (0800) RED ROSE. You can even add some naughtier treats in with your flowers…. they stock a huge range of chocolates, wine, champagne, toys and novelties which can be added to make your gift extra special. WIN! As a... read full article


Roses Are Red - Valentines

I would cook her breakfast,give a red rose and card telling her how much I love her, take her for a coffee at her favourite cafe, pack up a real nice lunch hamper with all her favourite items, and go to the spot she loves, take her home play her favourite music. Lastly I would have her girlfriend take her out so I could set up a candle lit dinner,with all the trimmings she loves cooked myself,and in each part I would hang different messages telling her how much she means to me, this is what love means to me.


Roses Are Red - Valentines

If money was no object I will spend the day with my husband visiting orphanages, or people in real need and donate money to them. Valentines is about love and what a way to spend it with my partner. Sharing our love and wealth.


Roses Are Red - Valentines

I would take her on a flight to a romantic retreat where I would have the room laid thick with red and white rose petals and heaps of candles. After she takes the relaxing bath I've run for her, I'll pop the bottle of expensive champange and feed her chocolate dipped strawberrys. Then I'd give her a card shaped like a key with lots of thoughts about her from my heart written inside it.


Roses Are Red - Valentines

Jaysus you people really are romantic!! If money was no object, I'd take partner on a trip back to Vegas (where we got married 6yrs ago) and we'd gamble, drink and raft and helicopter the Grand Canyon all over again.


Roses Are Red - Valentines

I would whisk him away to a luxury resort in the Maldives where we would be pampered and waited on hand and foot. The evening would consist of cocktails on the beach, a swim at sunset and a candlelit dinner on the beach


Roses Are Red - Valentines

I'd fly her to Paris for a romantic getaway for the weekend. We'd stay at the Ritz and drink french champagne from champagne!


Roses Are Red - Valentines

I would take him to Paris, where has has always wanted to visit.


Roses Are Red - Valentines

take a private chartered plane anywhere she wanted to go a beautiful topical island, paris, where ever. then id take her on a shopping spree cause what girl doesnt love to shop aye? id let her pick whatever she wanted and also ensure she got a gorgeous dress for dinner. later id set a private candlelit gourmet dinner for her, where we would have a waiter who would only be around when we needed him/her. we would drink the best wine money could buy. id have her serenaded with a beautiful song. later we would go on a private cruise in the moon light and take a dip in the on board spa or a skinny dip if the ocean is warm enough. later id treat her to sensual massage before taking her back to our penthouse suite for some more indulgence, where id delcare my love for her in the form of a poem i wrote myself. the penthouse of course would have been laid thick with red and white rose petals and heaps of candles.


Roses Are Red - Valentines

Take my man to Las Vegas and spoil him rotten!!!! i need not say anymore!!!!!!


Roses Are Red - Valentines

I would pay all the bills then buy him a lovely new launch to spend time on by ourselves with everything we could possibly need for the next 24 hrs.

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