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Over the last few weeks there has been much controversy over the sale of Sir Edmund Hillary’s collection of Rolex’s, in a sort of timely turn of fate, Rolex have released their newest series of explorer’s named the “Hillary Tenzing Series.” Pretty good timing huh! Controversy or not, this is nice, really nice!“The exclusive and limited edition set of 3 customized Rolex Explorer models is being brought to us by the same creators of the Piccard Single Red Deepsea (Keep in mind that none of these models are officially associated with Rolex. The ~$39,000 set will come in a custom crate along with several custom-made items (Shell... read full article


Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer Watch

Wow they really went all the way with the whole crate thing. Nothing like authenticity when it comes to shiny, shiny Rolexes. Do they realise they're playing around with a huge part of our Kiwi culture?


Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer Watch

Beautiful watch, but will we get sued if we resell it? hahahaaaa


Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer Watch

What a stunning looking watch and what a great way to celebrate Sir Ed. As far as his Families dispute over the sale of his Rolex watches go I find it disgusting that Sir Eds children are now falling out with the woman their Dad obviously loved. A woman who supported their Dad so much over the years. Surely when it comes right down to it the watches are just possessions.


Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer Watch

Wow, what a gorgeous watch! Im sure Sir Ed would be stoked however if the money from the sale (or part of) could go to the people he loved and helped, and who helped and loved him in Nepal to benefit them


Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer Watch

Amazing watch. Sir Ed would be pleased. That is a good way to remember him.


Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer Watch

Another great looking Rolex watch any man would love to invest in a watch like that.


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