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Strap yourself in as RocknRolla arrives on Blu-ray and DVD March 4 from Warner Bros. Video.  This action film takes a dangerous ride into high crime and low life in contemporary London, where real estate has supplanted drugs as the biggest market, and criminals are its most enthusiastic entrepreneurs. When a wealthy foreign mobster moves into London gangster Lenny Cole’s (Tom Wilkinson) turf, a small-timer (Gerard Butler) and his crew think they can play both sides and become big time. Add a hard-as-ice accountant (Thandie Newton), a rocker playing dead to boost sales, wannabe music moguls (Jeremy Piven and Chris Bridges), a missing painting and... read full article


RocknRolla DVD's



RocknRolla DVD's

Sleep deprivation with dripping tap


RocknRolla DVD's

Strapping them to a chair with their eyes pryed open, then forcing them to watch back to back Shortland Street episodes (pretty sure that would go against geneva convention though lol)


RocknRolla DVD's

chopping their tongue out and feeding it to the dog and then breaking one finger at a time.


RocknRolla DVD's

Being stuck in a room with Coronation St on one tv and Shortland St on another. ahhhhhhhh


RocknRolla DVD's



RocknRolla DVD's

Paper cuts in between fingers, edges of lips then forcing them to eat salt n vinegar chips and putting vinegar in the cuts all while listening to "Cotton Eye Joe" repeatedly...fun...and pulling fingers nails off may work too


RocknRolla DVD's

Sleep deprivation followed by being chained to chair to listen to the Jonas Bros for several hours


RocknRolla DVD's

A pyramid shaped post which the victim has to sit on, then weights are added to their ankles so that they are pulled down onto the post and slowly ripped open by the crotch.


RocknRolla DVD's

Keelhauling. Tied to a rope and pulley, then dragged back and forth underneath the ship. The underneath of the boat rubs the naked flesh raw. Hopefully drowing happens quickly.

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