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As You Do: Adventures with Evel, Oliver and the Vice-President of Botswana?. Moving on from the horrific crash that nearly killed him, general drawer of‐the‐short‐straw Richard Hammond muses on his lifecand times. A visit to Glastonbury with James May reminds him of his early years playing in a rock band. In Africa Richard falls in love with, and repatriates, a stray car. In the Arctic he suffers howling winds on a dog‐sled. In the US he gets chased by rednecks and he in turn pursues his childhood hero, Evel Knievel.The book looks at his long‐held passion for cars and why, although he loves his wife dearly, it’s a... read full article


Richard Hammond's new book

My family used to get together every year up north at my nan's, and there was a swimming hole a couple km away. All the whanau packs up into the van, but one of my cousins had just gotten his licence, so me and a couple cuzzies go with him. On the way there, he's showing off, driving pretty fast. We come to the dirt road part, and he slowed down, but was still going a bit too fast. This dirt road is narrow, so when a car is coming the other way, you need to slow right down to get past each other. We come to a blind corner, a Datsun ute is coming the other way, we're going too fast, he slams on the brakes and we go skidding towards the edge of the road. It's only about a 3 metre drop, but the river is at least 1.5m deep. It felt like we had just stopped in time, but when my cousin started up the car and went to drive off, nothing happened. The engine was going, the wheels were moving and sort of skidding, but we weren't moving forward. Turned out we were "beached" right on the edge, the left side was pretty much hanging off the edge. So he shut off the car, put the parking break on (out of fear and habit I suppose :D), and had my cousins on the left climb over me and him to get out the right side (I was at the back, driver side). Once they were out, we got out. 2 of my cousins walked up the road to the swimming hole to get some uncles to help pull the car back, but before they got back the car fell into the river. Of course we blamed it all on the Datsun driver, so as not to get a hiding :D But that's about the closest I've been to death.


Richard Hammond's new book

Years back a few of us went to the beach for a day out. After guzzling down a huge lunch I stupidly went swimming in the ocean and decided to go in quite deep. Next thing I know I have cramp second to none - so bad all I can do is just stop everything and casually slip beneath the water. Panicking I get to the surface and notice my mate is close by. I gasp for help and slip under again. This happened about four or five times. The prat was just laughing at me saying 'Yeah mate - good one'. I was just enjoying a glimpse of my childhood as my life flashed before my eyes when another mate realised I was in serious trouble and got me out of the water. Lucky for the prat I was pretty stuffed up or he would have been. Closest I came to dying!


Richard Hammond's new book

My brush with death happened a few years back now, being the squirrels we are we were out at the forrest collecting firewood. Me being me wanted a branch that had caught itself in another fallen tree so I climb up the fallen tree to collect the branch(it was a decent sized branch!) axe in hand to get the branch. A short time later I heard a very big crack, Oh hell I'm up this fallen tree with a very big axe and I hear that! As I sail through the air to land on the forrest floor all I can think of was this axe so I land on the axe, but as I sailed through the air I turned the axe so I landed of the blund side of it! I also landed on the tree stump to which the fallen tree belonged to. Didn't die but darn I could have if I didn't turn the axe to the blunt side and I did have to go to the hosp because I landed on my back on the stump! geesh it was close mate!


Richard Hammond's new book

Quite a few years back my brother thought it would be a good idea to throw a knife at a fence with me on the other side. I ran away from the fence but he still got me in the back as the knife went over the top of the fence (tall fence). It hurt like hell and missed my spine by 2cm. The most annoying part was it put a hole in my Miami Dolphins shirt and stained it with blood.....


Richard Hammond's new book

On 20 September 2006, I was seriously injured in a car crash while filming for a local TV show driving a jet-powered car, the Vampire dragster, which was theoretically capable of travelling at speeds of up to 595.5 km/h. I was travelling at 464 km/h at the time of the crash, but when the jet car overturned and the roll cage dug into the ground I was still going at 373.4 km/h, with the top of my helmet dragging along the ground; it has been speculated that I was any taller, I would have been decapitated. I was then taken to the specialist neurological unit of the local hospital and had an extensive rehabilitation. At least, that's what is in my mind, thinking about winning this book, and I'm a bit hungover.


Richard Hammond's new book

I've done some dangerous stuff. I was a paratrooper for 4 years, but it was cleaning out a chimney that was my closest call with death. I was on the roof, and the owner of the house called out "Be careful!, That part of the roof is slip....." It all happened in slow motion as my feet went up in the air and I tried to grab onto something, anything! As I went over the edge, I saw the picket fence. At least I didn't stradle it and it only caught me in the ribs and upside the face. I was grateful that I was able to stand up right away, but the numbness in my face quickly turned into massive pain and blood was everywhere. I'm not one to curse, so I don't know what came out as I did my little pain dance, but the owner asked what language I was speaking. Was able to wash up and finish the job before driving to the hospital.


Richard Hammond's new book

about a year ago me and my friend were just parking up side the diary to get some ciggys when i get jamed between the car door and a power pole. my dumass mate forgot to put the hand brake on a F###en hill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Richard Hammond's new book

We all do silly stuff as kids that could kill us ... then we grow up and do adult stuff that could kill us. We had just won the previous stage in the Rally of Whangarei and were on a high ..... and then something reminds you that you're only human.... enjoy the youtube link NB Crotch belts hurt at high speed [video]JM9kkSRAT6k[/video]


Richard Hammond's new book

I was about 14 (I think). A bunch of us had decided to ride our 10 speeds up a hill out of town. Got up there decided to head back to the dairy for an ice block or what ever. So a good idea. they took off. I took a while to get going and thought 'i can catch up easy'. got low on the bike and shot down the hill. passed them all, way cool. problem 1 was i was starting to like the speed. after a few secs i passed a car, then another then another then a black and white one (traffic cops car, this was a few years ago). shot through a few intersections across railway line. I now though i could see red and blue lights, freak. Is this what happens if you go fast enough? Then i remembered i was heading to what was a T intersection with a big ditch by it, problem 2. Problem 3 was if i touched my breaks they would rip off and i would be airborn. Tried to figure out if the friction of the air and road would slow me down enough, then realised i had no clue because i had goofed around in physics class and this physics leason was fast looking like a fail. lucky for me i did slow down enough to lean the bike over to take the corner, just. all this time i had been using the whole road and it was lucky it was a small town. came to a stop buzzing. cop (did not realise till then it was a cop) read me the riot act and told me he was going to tell my parents (that ended up being a half hour lecture about my stupidity, bloody mothers, no sence of adventure). Cop then tells me i had reach 100kms a couple of times and would have killed myself if he had not followed me with lights on. But hell it was way COOL.

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