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As You Do: Adventures with Evel, Oliver and the Vice-President of Botswana?. Moving on from the horrific crash that nearly killed him, general drawer of‐the‐short‐straw Richard Hammond muses on his lifecand times. A visit to Glastonbury with James May reminds him of his early years playing in a rock band. In Africa Richard falls in love with, and repatriates, a stray car. In the Arctic he suffers howling winds on a dog‐sled. In the US he gets chased by rednecks and he in turn pursues his childhood hero, Evel Knievel.The book looks at his long‐held passion for cars and why, although he loves his wife dearly, it’s a... read full article


Richard Hammond's new book

Shooting accident 18 years ago where I shattered my tibia, lucky it wasn't worse. Apparently my heart stopped on the operating table.


Richard Hammond's new book

nice book


Richard Hammond's new book

I was sitting eating my breakfast and heard an almighty rollicking bash-boom-crash and realised it was my wife falling down our stairs. I looked outside at the beautiful sunny day, paused for thought then yelled into the silence "are you ok?". She screamed back that she was still checking for broken limbs and "what the bloody hell took you so long to ask?" I replied "To be honest, I was looking outside at the lovely day and was thinking that after I'd dropped you off at A&E I'd have time for a round of golf". My wife nearly killed me and still raises it. Closest I've come to being killed.


Richard Hammond's new book

One day i just decided i wasnt thirsty, it go to the point that i was admitted to hospital with severe dehydration on a drip. Now that i think about it, maybe i was thirsty! :-)


Richard Hammond's new book

i was about 14. me and my father were driving our old Bedford truck down to the back of the farm where our gravel pit is to pick up a load of metal. our farm track goes along the edge of a cliff and suddenly the track gave way beneath us. i looked out my window and all i say was a 10 metre drop into the river below a drop that surely would of killed us as we had no seat belts on n in a exposed metal cab we would of been knocked out. my father planted his foot and managed to move forward 6-7 meters as we fell where a tree caught us 6.5 metres below the track. i went flying out the window and was caught by the lest few branches in the tree. i still thank that tree everytime i drive past it


Richard Hammond's new book

Went rafting down the Landsborough river.Flew in by plane,fist day stuck on rocks but overnight rain and river was massive.The guides asked if we wanted the plane to come back in to pick us up or go down the river.We had paid 500 dolllars for rafting so we said we're in for a thrill.Got stuck in a whirlpool in the canyon,took half an hour to get out,bleeding hands from holding on to the ropes and we thought we were all going to die in there.Made it to the rocks in the end and lived to tell the tale!


Richard Hammond's new book

Me and my barbie doll in my little homemade go-cart. Decide it would be a fantastic idea to take a cruise down the big hill on my family's orchard. The descent was fine, but what I hadn't counted on was making it down the hill, up another hill, and then down an even steeper hill at the end of which was a massive drop inot a gully - it was either delibertately crash or drop off the face of the earth. I choose the latter and survived, but sadly Barbie lost her head :(


Richard Hammond's new book

My best fireside yarn..... There were 3 old blokes sat with their dogs round the fire in the pub as old men do. First bloke says 'What's your dog called?' The second bloke replies 'Woodmaker.' 'Why do you call him that?' was the question. In reply the second bloke picks up a log from the woodpile and throws it to the dog, commanding him, 'Woodmaker, MAKE!' the dog catches the log and, snarling and growling, chews the log into a neat looking carving of a woman. "Hmm' says the first bloke, obviously quite impressed, 'And what do you call your dog?' The third fella answers him with a grunt 'Stonemaker and I'll show you why.' Prying a loose stone out of the fireplace with his walking stick he tosses it to the dog and commands 'Stonemaker, MAKE!' The dog duly goes to business and after only a short while spits out a beautiful carving of a mermaid. The first bloke just sits there with a dark look on his face. "So what do you call your dog?' the second and third men ask the first. He thinks for a minute and says 'Ironmaker.' 'Why's that they asked?' In reply the wily old bloke shouts 'Ironmaker, MAKE!', picks up the poker from out of the red hot fire, shoves it up the dog's arse and the dog made a bolt for the door. Taadaaahhh!! Now I've given you one of my best jokes can I have the book for me fella please?


Richard Hammond's new book

Crossing the road (safely, on the pedestrian crossing) and next minute was facedown on the tarseal. When I came too, was told that a tailgate of a truck had come undone, swung round and hit me in the back of the head. Lucky I have a thick skull..


Richard Hammond's new book

once i nearly died trying to buy Richard Hammonds Book. Man i wish i could some how get a copy.......

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