Discussing :: Review: Domino's Chicken and Camembert Chef's Best Pizza

Domino’s have released a new range of pizzas called “Chef’s Best” pizzas. Since pizza is often the go-to takeout when grabbing some dinner with friends, mostly because of its price, we thought we’d try out the range. At $8 each, the pizzas are a little more expensive than your standard Domino’s pizza, but still a bargain. I tried Domino’s Chicken & Camembert Chef’s Best pizza to see if it would live up to the expectations given to me by the rather delectable looking picture below: Toppings include seasoned chicken, camembert, rasher bacon, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, red onion & mozzarella topped with... read full article


Domino's is the number 1 in my house.


I have got to say these are actually pretty darn good! as for the other pizzas I don't really think they are value for money.


The quality of Dominos pizzas is totally dependent on the staff and management working in each individual store. It ends up being a roll of the dice when ordering a pizza, one day good - terrible the next.


Yum. Now this sounds like me. I love Camembert and chicken . All the ingredients sound divine. Lucky we have a dominos just down the road. Am sure to try this in the near future.


I'd give this a crack, love cambert & chicken!


got shouted this at a mates recently was really good, made me think about actually buying their pizza


sounds delicious


Never tried one, but would love too!!


This is one pizza that actually tastes a lot better than it looks. Would benefit from a little more camembert though.


The description is great, the picture better, though the proof of the pudding or in this case pizza, is in the tasting. So I'll have to haul ass and get one and see whether it's as good as it's cracked up to be.


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