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Domino’s have released a new range of pizzas called “Chef’s Best” pizzas. Since pizza is often the go-to takeout when grabbing some dinner with friends, mostly because of its price, we thought we’d try out the range. At $8 each, the pizzas are a little more expensive than your standard Domino’s pizza, but still a bargain. I tried Domino’s Chicken & Camembert Chef’s Best pizza to see if it would live up to the expectations given to me by the rather delectable looking picture below: Toppings include seasoned chicken, camembert, rasher bacon, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, red onion & mozzarella topped with... read full article


Review: Domino's Chicken and Camembert Chef's Best Pizza

We bought this in Napier over Queen's Birthday weekend. Up till then my husband had gone off Domino's pizza after a bad experience a couple of years ago but we had an entertainment voucher which had to be used and we were buying dinner for his parents as we were staying with them. Well what a surprise -we bought this exact same pizza and it simply delicious. It disappeared so fast that there were no left overs. The base was just the right texture-not too thick or thin with plenty of toppings making it moist and delicious. In fact my husband suggested we buy it again this weekend. Certainly recommend it even if it is a bit more expensive and the rectangular shape is nice for a change. if you want to impress your in-laws with fast food then go for the Chef's Best pizza range. And no I dont work for Domino's!


This looks great!


The picture of the pizza looks great but not enough camembert for my liking :) Tried one of the other chef's best and wasn't impressed but this pizza does look good, I may give it a try.


These look really good and after reading this I think I'll have to get one like I've been meaning to.


There are never any leftovers in my house when we buy Domino's. This would be no exception!


MMMM that looks nice.Although i must say i enjoy homemade pizzas far more than any of the ones you can buy.That price though is very good value.$8 for a gourmet pizza is fantastic price.


We bought pizzas on Saturday night and this was one of them, mainly for me as a slightly healthier option, didnt get to eat any though! Was such a small pizza that it was all gone before I got my dinner!


Dominos new bases are not as good (personal preference) but damn the are right on the price point for value


Had this pizza over the weekend. Was really surprised with it. A lot nicer then I thought it was going to be and would definitely have it again


Looks like something they'd make at Crust pizza, and I love that place. Maybe time to try Dominos again...

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