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Driving the market Last year, the government announced that it would be imposing a biofuels sales obligation on New Zealand oil companies, requiring them to sell an escalating percentage of biofuels, starting at 0.25% next year and building up to 3.4% in 2012. The aim was to push the market in a greener direction. And it seems to be working. Argent Energy had already announced its interest in a tallow-biodiesel plant in Northland, and Solid Energy has just announced that it will be buying Canterbury Biodiesel and expanding it into producing biofuel from canola. Between them, these two companies will be able to meet 75% of New Zealand's 2012 target. With a... read full article


Relationships are easy

Interesting article, although (and i hate to pull this one out) perhaps its all happy "à¯n a perfect world"!! Always hard to put this kind of stuff into action especially when there are numerous external factors which have a bearing on everything mentioned here. Try pausing between sentences when your in a heated debate trying to get your point across and the other person is trying to do the same!


Relationships are easy

Interesting read, sometimes tho if its meant to be it's meant to be. If you want to be with someone you make the effect! Good tips, always good to mix things up.


Relationships are easy

Definitely all things you gotta think about but at some points, it all goes straight out the window, you need it to be written on your hand to remember in those situations. The best thing in a bad situation is to calmly walk away take a breath and moment to compose yourself or some time to just think things over and realise what's actually going on before going back.


Relationships are easy

What you put into a relationship is what you will get out of it !! Make the effort,your partner is worth it !!


Relationships are easy

Relationships are hard work. If both you or your partner don't put in the effort it will surely fail. It takes two to tango and two to succeed.

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